Slitherine Releases Extended Spartan Demo
Due to overwhelming feedback, Slitherine have decided to extend the single player demo for Spartan - their award winning empire-building game. Over the past few months an increasing number of posts to the Slitherine forum have complained how the demo did not give a good feel for Spartan and how they were actually put off by it. It was only based on the positive feedback from gamers with the full version, that many people bought the game. As the Spartan demo was restricted to 30 turns, players never had the chance to really experience what it was like to build up an empire. We admit we got this one completely wrong and greatly underestimated how long the demo should last. To make up for this, we're now releasing a new Spartan demo that allows 100 turns of gameplay and includes a new campaign, which will hopefully sway many of those undecided strategy gamers. Anyone who was previously unconvinced by the old demo, should really give this a try!

The updated demo is limited to 100 turns and includes 3 tutorial missions, plus 3 campaigns.

The full game includes
* Engrossing turn based strategy. Can you develop your civilization into a mighty Empire?
* Beautifully hand-crafted 3D rendered campaign map
* 3D battles with free zoom and rotatable camera
* Optional 2D battles for low spec machines
* Innovative "Always Active" 2 player multiplayer over LAN & Internet via Gamespy
* Use ships to travel from island to island, fight naval battles & perform naval invasions.
* Siege castles and assault them when they are weakened
* Build city walls armed with catapults and hurl Greek fire onto your enemies, scorching the earth and killing anyone in their path
* Huge battles allowing twice as many squads as before (up to 16 per side) on battlefields 4 times the size
* Enhanced diplomacy options, trade agreements, tributes, spying sabotage & more
* Over 100 different nations on a huge campaign map that spans Greece and the ancient near east
* Loads of great new Greek & Persian units with hundreds of animations
* New resources, technologies, nations, leaders, units, structures, events, barbarians & more
* Mission objectives, historic events & capital cities
* Epic structures such as the Acropolis, Oracle & the Colossus

Minimum System Requirements
2D min spec:
Windows(r) 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium II 233 MHz MMX or fully compatible
128 MB RAM
500 MB Hard Drive Space
DirectX Compatible Graphics Card with 4 MB VRAM
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX 8.0 or higher

3D min spec also requires:
Pentium III or fully compatible
16Mb DirectX Compatible 3D Graphics Card

You can buy Spartan from the online Slitherine Shop or at your local game store. If you buy Gates of Troy with Spartan you will get a £10 discount, but this offer is for a limited time only! The Slitherine shop ships games worldwide for free, so no matter where you are, you can get your copy. Order
your copy today!

The Slitherine online shop is located at
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