Slitherine Launches SOL Digital Download Service with a Thanksgiving Special Offer
London, 24th November 2005. Slitherine today announced the release of SOL (Slitherine On Line), their new digital download service. The secure SOL
service allows players to order the games over the Internet, download them and automatically register them without the need for entering complex
authorization codes. It really couldn't be simpler!

To use SOL go to

Slitherine would also like to take this opportunity to offer your readers a 50% discount for Thanksgiving. Anyone who uses this coupon will get 50% off
of either Gates of Troy or Spartan until the 6th December.

Coupon Code : 34431206

To use the coupon just go to and choose the game you want to order (must be Gates of Troy or Spartan to be eligible for the
coupon). Click "Buy Now" and on the payment page select the Coupon checkbox. Then copy the Coupon Code into the box provided and click validate. This will give you 50% off the normal price!

Although SOL currently only supports Slitherine's back catalogue there are plans to introduce new titles to the range in the near future, such as the
recently released Legion Arena. If digital downloads are not your thing or you're looking for the new releases, you can also order boxed copies from
the shop

About Slitherine
Created on the 4th of July 2000, Slitherine Software UK Ltd. is a privately funded and independent UK developer. It is a small and talented team who
have been in the games industry since the early 1990's working on games such as T-Tex, Desert Strike, Red Alert, Dune, Dune Emperor, Deus Ex and Urban Chaos on platforms from the Amiga, Lynx, SNES, PSX, GBC, Dreamcast to PC. Slitherine Software has recently launched the SOL download service to leverage the potential of the Internet. Legion, Slitherine's first game, has sold over 150,000 copies world wide and is still selling thousands every month
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