Snail Games Announces Second Closed Beta for Highly Anticipated MMO Age of Wushu
LOS ANGELES - DEC. 13, 2012 - Christmas comes early for PC gaming fans this year as Snail Games will launch the Second Closed Beta of Age of Wushu on Dec. 20. Given the overwhelming fan response to the game's first Closed Beta in November, the company decided to offer a trial option to any player interested in joining this unique event.

"During the first Closed Beta, our company was flooded with requests from players around the globe. Each user was desperate to play Age of Wushu and join the adventure," said Dick Roberts, EVP of Marketing for Snail Games. "With this trial option, we have found a way to let them experience the game alongside the rest of the world."

Originally slated to be accessible only to those players who had pre-ordered the game and select members of the press, Snail Games is opting to let their North American fans play the #1 game in China for free during the 2012 Holiday Season. Rather than limit the activities, abilities or skill caps like many other free-to-play titles, any players on a trial period will have full access to Age of Wushu until the close of this Beta in early 2013. Players who have previously purchased a preorder package of the game will retain their benefits and in-game items.

All players will be able to engage in PvP battles, travel across Ming Dynasty Era China and make a name for themselves as a martial arts legend, but those on the trial will have a playtime restriction. Any player who does not own an Elite, E3, New York Comic Con or Deluxe Edition of Age of Wushu, but wants to play the game will be given:

10 Hours of Unrestricted Play : Players can start their virtual martial arts adventure for up to ten hours of in game time.
60 Minutes of Gameplay: Upon hitting the initial 10 hour cap, players will be given up to 60 minutes of gameplay each day until the close of the trial period.

Those who want to continue the journey can choose to purchase the Deluxe Edition and gain unlimited play during this period, as well as many other bonuses and in game items. The customization and progression of all characters, any skills learned and items attained during the Second Closed Beta will not be reset and will be available for players to resume upon the next play period of Age of Wushu.

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