SNK Playmore USA Announces the King of Fighters Neowave for Xbox
Company: SNK
WALL, NJ. - January 26, 2006 - SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION, the US publishing arm of the SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, announced today that they will be publishing THE KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE for Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in March 2006. KOF NEOWAVE features three-on-three team fighting, along with improved graphics and an enhanced game system. KOF NEOWAVE will also feature full Xbox Live online game service support, including online multi-player head-to-head fighting and Tournament Mode.

KOF NEOWAVE features 12 three-man teams made up of some of the greatest characters from SNK's 11-year history, including the Women Fighters Team (Mai, King and Yuri) and the Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Joe, and Andy). NEOWAVE features three modes of play - Super Cancel, Guard Break, and Max2. A new "Heat Mode" lets players power up their attacks in exchange for a gradual loss of health.

KOF NEOWAVE features:

Xbox Live support featuring head-to-head fighting and Tournament Mode.
A total of 43 characters including 7 Bonus characters.
12 of the most dangerous fighting teams ever assembled.
Pick your team and fight it out in the original 3-on-3 battle format.
Beautifully rendered background graphics.
Activate "Heat Mode" to power-up your attacks.
Revives the evacuation rolling maneuver and thrust attacks.
Over-the-top Super Special Moves.
3 modes of play: Super Cancel, Guard Break and Max2.
Link a Special Move with a Super Attack in the Super Cancel Mode to cause extreme damage.

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION (SNK) develops, publishes and distributes interactive entertainment software in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. Founded in 1978, SNK is one of the largest privately held interactive entertainment content providers in the world. Known for such franchises as THE KING OF FIGHTERS, METAL SLUG and SAMURAI SHODOWN, SNK continues to be an industry leader by focusing on their rich arcade history. More information on SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION can be found at

SNK PLAYMORE USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION with offices in Wall, NJ. It handles operations in North America, including publishing, marketing, development and localization. More information on SNK PLAYMORE USA can be found at
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