PlayStation™ releases Spooktacular themed trailers to celebrate All Hallows' Eve
London, 31st October: To celebrate the scariest day of the year, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has released the Halloween series. Made up of 4 ghoulish trailers from upcoming PlayStation® titles, this series gives fans a trick or a treat – depending on their mood…

Experience spine chilling suspense in Until Dawn™ where one of the gang hangs in Peril. Sackboy turns in to Scareboy with his distinctly monstrous levels in Little Big Planet™ Karting, and Halloween is a walk in the park for our hero, Kutaro compared to the ghoulish world of Hallowee Ville in Puppeteer. Last, but certainly not least in the series sees Sly Cooper winning the prize for best costumes in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Until Dawn™
Who will survive Until Dawn™? Set in a remote location, a group of friends retreat to a mountain cabin on the anniversary of their friend’s death. The power’s out, there’s no phone reception and you are trying to get the hot cheerleader to notice you – what could go wrong?
True to the teen horror genre, Until Dawn is made up of three main elements – scary, sexy and funny, and the latest trailer from Supermassive Games gives viewers a sneak peek at the scariest part of the game. As you play each of the characters, you decide who lives or dies and, with an unpredictable killer on the loose, this game is set to keep you guessing. Watch the trailer for spine tingling suspense.

Inspired by Tim Burton’s gothic aesthetic, Puppeteer developer Gavin Moore tried to create a game that was dark and creepy but still maintained a great sense of humour. Packed to the rafters with insane situations and creepy fun, this game is ideal for embarking on Halloween hijinx with the whole family.
The story features Kutaro, our hero, who escapes from Castle Gristlestein and sets out on his adventure to retrieve his disembodied head. His extraordinary journey will take him to many surprising and diverse locations, one of which is the spooky world of Hallowee Ville. In this land of frights, things have really gone wrong since the Moon Bear King took over the Moon Realm. Who needs Halloween when you can go to Hallowee Ville, and your whole world gets filled with fear?
Watch the trailer to find out more.

Little Big Planet™ Karting
Little Big Planet™ Karting sees a distinctly darker side to the franchise as the Craftworld universe faces terrible peril. Precious Prize Bubbles – the building blocks of imagination – are being snaffled by the villainous Hoard, a band of unwelcome other-worldly meanies which has put a halt to any kind of level-building and costume-designing.
As special treat for Halloween the create mode is taken to new levels and totally Spookified so that you, and Sackboy can enjoy the full racing experience whilst taking on the Hoard. You can even try building your own level by playing the mini game at

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Sly Cooper, the prince of the night is drawn out of a retirement to solve the mystery of disappearing pages from Thievius Raccoonus, the Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery. During his adventures, he and his sidekick Bentley win the best costume prize this Halloween for their multiple changes throughout the game.
There is, however more than meets the eye with these extravagant costumes… Each costume has its own strengths and weaknesses, and besides helping the daring thieves blend in, they also can be useful in solving puzzles or fooling guards.

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