Go!View, The Appointed Hub of Entertainment for PSP Users, Adds Hundreds of Hours of Video in Time for the Christmas Holidays
GO!VIEW delivers entertainment galore this December by adding hundreds of hours of video content to the service for PSP™ users to watch on-the-go and on-demand this Christmas. So there’ll be no more moaning about the rubbish on TV at Christmas for all GO!VIEW subscribers!

From the new version of Battlestar Gallactica to the original A-Team, GO!VIEW brings some of the most entertaining TV, sport and film available for download for PSP™ users. With hours of content available from the latest TV series such as Lost and Heroes to cult hits like Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Quantum Leap as well as comedy classics like Red Dwarf and I’m Alan Partridge, PSP™ owners can take full advantage of GO!VIEW wherever they go.

GO!VIEW provide a variety of both the latest and ‘retro’ content as part of the Entertainment subscription packs available on GO!VIEW for just £5 per month individually. You can also access Comedy and Sport with additional subscriptions priced at two packs for £8 (€11) or all three packs for £10 (€14). GO!VIEW’s commitment to providing great content for its customers gets better and PSP™ users can currently trial GO!VIEW free for thirty days.

In addition to the Subscription Packs, PSP™ users can also select a range of ‘Movies to Rent’ and ‘Latest TV to Rent’ which can be transferred via the rental service. Rental TV is available from £1.50 (€2.00) per episode and a range of movies are available from £2.50 (€3.20) each.


Go!VIEW is a joint venture between Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and BSkyB who have established the joint venture ‘GO!VIEW Entertainment UK’. This is being used to bring the PSP video-on-demand to market in the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands & the Isle of Man. Sky is providing their expertise in building successful video-on-demand platforms as well as content acquisition. Sony Computer Entertainment is providing the marketing for the service.
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