Bonus Introductory GO!View Subscriptions With New PSP Retail Bundles
22 April 2009 – GO!VIEW is pleased to announce that bonus introductory access to the official PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) video-on-demand service in the UK and Republic of Ireland is to be included within two brand new PSP™ retail bundles.

New PSP™ customers who register at currently receive a free month’s subscription to the Entertainment, Sports and Comedy pack. However, the new retail bundles will now include a voucher for an additional two months’ free subscription.

Available from selected retailers from May 8th, there are two new bundles designed to appeal to existing PSP owners and new PSP owners, offering them the opportunity to access this new service alongside their usual gaming experience:

The first GO!VIEW pack retails for £149.99 and includes a Sony PlayStation Portable PSP3000 (Black), a 2Gb Memory Stick, a mini-USB cable and the GO!VIEW voucher for an additional two months’ free subscription.

The second retail bundle is priced at £29.99 and comprises a 4Gb Memory Stick, a mini-USB cable and the GO!VIEW two months’ free subscription voucher.

GO!VIEW makes portable, video-on-demand a reality as PSP users are able to easily transfer content to their PSP from a PC. Entertainment, Sports and Comedy Packs are available by monthly subscription, whilst Movies and a range of the Latest TV can be downloaded via the rental service on GO!VIEW.

Subscription packs are normally priced at £5 (€7) for 1 pack, £8 (€11) for 2 packs and £10 (€14) for all three packs and users can trial all three packs for as part of their free three month trial. Rental TV is available from £1.50 (€2.00) per episode and there is a range of Movies available to download from £2.50 (€3.50) each.

With GO!VIEW, you can watch sports, movies, and TV shows on your PSP. From Football to hit comedies, US dramas and a selection of Movies, everything is available to enjoy, wherever the user finds himself. Offering a range of top TV including Lost and Ugly Betty, blockbuster Movies and Sports including Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League football action from Sky Sports, GO!VIEW is simply unmissable.

Alison Turner, General Manager, GO!VIEW Entertainment UK said ” With true mobility and the high-quality screen, PSP delivers a great on-the-move video experience. GO!VIEW on PSP™ offers a quality range of programming that ensures PSP™ owners are getting the best service on-the-go and on-demand. Our brand new retail bundles offer two exciting and great value routes for more PSP customers to jump on board and enjoy the fantastic range of entertainment available”
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