Unit 13 Explodes onto PlayStation®Vita
London, March 7th: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announces the release of Unit 13TM, a third-person military shooter created exclusively for PlayStation®Vita (PS VitaTM) by Zipper Interactive, available via the PlayStation Store or from all good retailers on March 9th.

Players join the ranks of Unit 13TM, a counter-terrorism squad deployed with only one objective; complete the mission. Missions focus on contemporary ‘ripped from the headlines' scenarios creating an experience that is loaded with authenticity.
Unit 13TM takes advantage of all the input and connectivity features PS Vita has to offer. Dual analogue sticks offer bona fide shooter controls on the go, and SIXAXIS combines with front and rear touch to offer an intuitive, immersive experience.

The 3G connectivity of PS Vita are at the core of Unit 13TM and bring all-new challenges and ways of playing to the genre.

Missions are concise, intense, and non-linear, allowing for a huge variety of approaches depending on the player's favoured style. Coupled with a five-star scoring system, each mission has huge replay value. 3G allows on-the-go online leaderboard access to check how performance rates against PSN friends, or any player in the local area or worldwide. If your friends overtake you in the leaderboards, 3G will alert you instantly.

An always on connection is also essential to acquiring High Value Target (HVT) missions. These are rare mission alerts that only appear for a limited time. Players use 3G connectivity to access these anytime, anywhere. Once played, HVTs can be passed onto others via near or to PSN friends.

Each day players are briefed with a Mission of the Day delivered directly to their PS Vita wherever they are via 3G. As with the game's standard missions these will challenge players to find the best way to complete the objective, ranking their performance via online leaderboards.

With a choice of connectivity options PS Vita offers completely connected, rich and immersive gaming experience. As the preferred provider for 3G, Vodafone* will ensure that PS Vita users have a great connected experience wherever they are owing to the high speed and extensive market-leading network coverage. With 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity users can stay constantly connected to their PlayStation world and their gaming friends using PS Vita's native gaming and social network applications.

This state-of-the-art portable device has games at its heart; Unit 13TM joins an impressive roster of PS Vita launch titles that already boast game-changing 3G features:

Uncharted: Golden AbyssTM
In Nathan Drake's latest adventure, 3G is used to discover, collect, and trade Bounty Collectibles in the Black Market. The near application lets PS Vita users check in to real life locations and pick-up and leave gifts for other gamers to find and use in their own games.

Reality Fighters
In this customisable, augmented reality fighting game, players use the cameras of PS VitaTM to put themselves in the game and create their own unique fighter. Take pictures of your fighter either posed or mid-fight, and use 3G to instantly share these with friends on Facebook.

WipEout® 2048
In the prequel to all WipEout® games, 3G allows players completing Speed Lap Challenges to have the option of dropping challenges in for other WipEout® users to encounter. As well as being able to see their friends updates live via UI.

MotorStormTM RC
Discover a unique blend of old school and contemporary gameplay in this top-down racer that features classic vehicles and environments from the MotorStorm series. Enhance the experience by using the 3G connectivity to update leader boards and challenge other PS Vita and PlayStation®3 players using Cross Play.

Other launch titles include the fun-filled collection of mini games Little Deviants, plus ModNationTM Racers, Everybody's GolfTM, Hustle Kings , Top Darts, EA SPORTS FIFA Football , Ridge RacerTM, Ninja GaidenTM Sigma Plus, Rayman Origins and Virtua Tennis 4TM: World Tour Edition to ensure an impressive lineup that caters for every type of gamer right from launch.

*Vodafone is the 3G provider of choice in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Greece. In the following territories Vodafone partners will be the operator of choice:

France - SFR
Belgium - Belgacom
Finland - Elisa
Slovenia - Si Mobile
Bulgaria - Mobitel
Denmark - TDC
Luxembourg - Tango

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