Inner Quest, new game from South Winds Games
Argentina, May 12th 2010 - South Winds Games, developer of the blockbuster hit Airport Mania, is proud to announce its fourth game is now available for download for both Mac and Windows. Inner Quest is a Relaxing Puzzle Game which bets hard on the Smoothest User Experience. With no complicated controls nor any special skill requirement, the game guarantees fun at all ages.

The game developers proudly state: “With Inner Quest you will find yourself immersed in an amazing journey that will help you decrease the wear and tear on your mind from the challenges and hassles of daily life by evoking the same emotions that you have while traveling on a sunny day, going on a picnic with the people you love, or while looking at the stars on a warm night”.

Featuring a hundred levels, arcade and relaxed modes, artistic level design and upbeat music, the Pure-Game-Play game invites the player to be delighted by a colorful audio visual experience.

The game is available in English, German, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish in the same download.

More information about the game, screen shots, video and demo download at one click can be found here:

About South Winds Games
South Winds Games focuses on family friendly game development for both Mac and PC since 2006. All its products are guaranteed and have a demo version available to download for both Windows and Mac platforms. The award winning studio site has open channels for feedback, offers technical support, and its games needs no separate download after registration.
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