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SpikySnail logoSpikySnail is a bunch of guys operating from Israel. Well, actually, it's just two guys. And they operate from their homes. In Israel. This didn't prevent their first game – The Splatters – from becoming IGF finalist, Indie Game Challenge nominee and PAX10 winner under the then work-in-progress title "Confetti Carnival".

Before developing the state-of-the-art physics engine of "The Splatters", Niv Fisher headed development of physics-based surgical simulators in real-time 3D. Prior to designing the wonderful Splatters creatures and their universe, Sagi Koren has been dealing with CGI stuff for over 20 years, in almost every field known to mankind.

The tech-savvy, passion-driven SpikySnail is committed to deliver innovative, quality game-play experiences that are instantly fun yet hard to let go of. Like your girlfriend somehow.