Super Splatters World Premiere to be Held at PAX East 2013 - Millions of People Invited
Company: SpikySnail
THE INTERNET– March 18, 2013 – SpikySnail respectfully requests that anyone on the internet who likes puzzle games and has a PC or Mac listen up. The team will be present at PAX East 2013 showing off its next game, Super Splatters(PC, Mac, Linux) as part of the 'Indie Megabooth'. SpikySnail is inviting everyone who's attending to have a blast with the game prior to its release a few months from now. At the show, they’ll also be offering a special pre-order price for anyone who comes by to say hi to Sagi and Niv at booth #680. They may even send a few free copies out to people they like, but that depends on how cool everyone is being at the show.

Super Splatters is an original arcade-style puzzler that challenges your brain and reflexes in a world of physics-based addiction. You follow the Splatters, a band of acrobatic, liquid filled creatures on their path to fame and glory as they master special stunts and crazy skills. Using creativity and talent they aspire for the most spectacular show on the nationwide all-popular channel - Splatter TV. Super Splatters is a fun and challenging game where you, the player, must acquire the necessary skills and perform breathtaking actions, to put on a jaw-dropping show that will attract millions of viewers from around the world.

Super Splatters is the follow-up to "The Splatters", a game we released on XBOX Live Arcade in April 2012. While 'The Splatters' was well received, we still wanted to take the opportunity and reimagine many aspects of the game's design, and deliver something that is much more than a 'port' for PC, Mac and Linux gamers. Super Splatters is not really a sequel, but rather a 'director's cut' version of the original game. We've updated and changed a lot of elements from the previous version, but kept the basic fun, addictive gameplay that players loved so much about it.

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SpikySnail Games is an independent games development studio based in Israel. We're focused on creating top quality original gameplay experiences that are instantly fun and positively addictive. Our first title “The Splatters”¯ was released on April 2012 on XBLA. "Super Splatters" the super upgraded version, will be released in the first half of 2013 on PC, Mac and Linux. SpikySnail is a small 4 person team that was founded in 2010, by two childhood friends - Sagi Koren and Niv Fisher.
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