Super Splatters Launches on Steam Today for PC and Mac
Company: SpikySnail
ISRAEL, June 26th - SpikySnail Games is excited to announce that Super Splatters is available on Steam this afternoon, June 26th. PC and Mac owners can experience all the gravity-distorting and stunt-comboing fun Super Splatters has to offer for a mere $10. Better yet, get the game today for 10% off as part of the launch day festivities!

Super Splatters Steam page:

What is Super Splatters?
Get ready for physics-based, combo-driven, action packed fun! Play with the Splatters, a band of acrobatic, juicy creatures on their path to fame, glory and destruction. Super Splatters challenges players to creatively burst the Splatters against arena walls so that their Splatter juice pours onto explosive fireworks. Beating a level is just the beginning - the Splatters need to put on an amazing performance, too! Use fancy tricks, link up challenging combos and play with the force of gravity while the cameras are rolling so that you can rise to the top of the rankings on Splatter TV. Do you have the skill to get millions of viewers to watch your jaw-dropping moves? Find out now!

Key Features:
· Over 70 levels of Splatter-slinging action!
· Use Splatter TV to share wins, learn new tricks and watch your friends’ replays!
· Boost your score with aerial stunts and killer combos to get more viewers!
· Flip gravity and momentum to get your Splatter juice onto hard to reach fireworks!
· Use creative strategies to beat each unique level!
· Thanks to the magic of physics, no level ever plays the same way twice!

What's new in Super Splatters?
SpikySnail Games launched their first game, The Splatters, on XBLA in 2012. The team wanted to bring the game to Steam, but they also wanted to make something better, something more “super!” The great folks at IndieFund stepped in, backing the game so that SpikySnail could realize their full vision. All the hard work paid off, and SpikySnail is pleased to be giving you the new and improved Super Splatters!

New features:
· Over 70 new levels ranging from easy all the way up to extreme difficulty. Levels are broken down into FreeStyle, Combo Rush (non-stop combos) and Master-Shots (complete a level with a single Splatter that must do specific stunts). FreeStyle and Combo Rush are action oriented, while Master-Shots is puzzle focused.
· All new Sensei Splatter uses witty dialogue to instruct your splatter-slinging throughout the game.
· Trophies add new, specific challenges to each level.
· Game progression has been completely revised to keep things feeling fresh and fast.
· Graphics and sound have undergone huge improvements.
· A cheering audience and awesome commentator now watch your every move so that it feels like you are putting on a show!
· New soundtrack from Egozot, complete with it's own trailer and available for purchase here.

“I’m really excited as to how this version turned out,” said Niv Fisher, co-founder of SpikySnail Games. “All the hard work paid off – Super Splatters flows better, looks better and plays better than the original game. The way Splatter-TV integrates with Steam is really cool as well. I can’t wait to see everyone's top scoring game clips up there, especially on some of the new ‘extreme’ difficulty challenges, which, I’m sure will take a while to crack. And we also have an energetic, official soundtrack from Idan Egozy (Egozot) which is now available for purchase online - all proceeds from soundtrack sales go directly to Egozot, so be sure to support him if you like his beats!”

Launch Trailer:

Purchase it here:
Watch the soundtrack trailer here:

About SpikySnail
SpikySnail Games is an independent games development studio based in Israel. We're focused on creating top quality original gameplay experiences that are instantly fun and positively addictive. Our first title The Splatters ťwas released on April 2012 on XBLA. Super Splatters the super upgraded version, will be released on June 26th 2013 for PC and Mac with a Linux version close behind. SpikySnail is a small 4 person team that was founded in 2010, by two childhood friends - Sagi Koren and Niv Fisher.
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