Uphill Rush 4 Races to the Finish Line
Company: Spil Games
Friday 9th December, 2011 — Hilversum, the Netherlands — Uphill Rush, Spil Games’ blockbusting, stunt-racing game for teens, today welcomes the fourth edition in the much-loved, high-speed, smash-hit series.

To date, the Uphill Rush series has been played over 600 million times, with the continuing popularity credited to the development team’s focus on ensuring the teen audience is provided with a constant adrenaline rush, whacky new worlds and endless surprises.

The Uphill Rush games have what players crave: funny, unexpected vehicles and tons of customisation options. Players can drive with a geisha outfit in a motorboat or race as a sumo wrestler on a dolphin—the options are endless.

Uphill Rush 4 retains the tried and tested formula that’s made the series a success, while introducing a host of new features:

New racers: sheep, dolphin and bull
New worlds: amusement park, tropical city, hotel
New outfits: clown, sumo wrestlers, geisha
New physics: players can now smash through walls and destroy all sorts of in-game objects

Uphill Rush 4 is playable on http://www.agame.com/game/uphill-rush-4.html today.


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