Order of War Fan Site Kit Released
Square Enix has released the official Order of War Fan Site Kit, a collection of assets and information designed to help fans of the game create their own Order of War-themed fan sites or Clan sites on the Web. Anyone interested in downloading the official Order of War Fan Site Kit to launch their own page dedicated to the game can access the files through the official Web site at the following link:

Order of War Fan Site Kit: http://na.orderofwar.com/_downloads/fankit/fankit.zip

The official Order of War Fan Site Kit contains:
n Order of War Screenshots
n Order of War Logo
n Order of War Hi-Res Artwork
n Order of War Fact Sheet
n Order of War Box Art
n Order of War -Themed Avatars
n Publisher, Developer Logos

About Order of War
In the summer of 1944, the Second World War entered its end-game when the Allies launched two major operations that would drive back German forces on both the Western and Eastern Fronts at once. In the ultimate test of military strategy, Order of War will challenge you not only to lead America's finest to victory in the west, but also place you in the command of the invading German forces charged with repelling the Red Army's seemingly unstoppable counter-offensive in the east.

Nominated for two "Best of E3" 2009 awards by IGN and 1UP, Order of War for personal computer will be available in North America at retail stores and through Steam tomorrow, September 22, 2009