Fallen Enchantress Pre-order Now Available on Steam
PLYMOUTH, MI., -- AUG 29, 2012 – Stardock announced today that Fallen Enchantress is now available on Steam, GameStop PC Downloads and GamersGate. Customers will gain immediate access to download the latest beta version.

Fallen Enchantress offers PC gamers a chance to experience a unique fantasy world for players to build or destroy as they conquer the land. Players create a sovereign with unique talents and abilities along with a faction to align themselves with in an effort to bring the world under their control. However, the land is not simply waiting to be claimed, it must be conquered. The lands of Elemental are teeming with monsters, bandits and other beings of dread who will not willingly give up their hold on the world. Other factions are pursuing the same agenda at the same time, raising the stakes and deciding the ultimate outcome: who wins and who dies.

Key features:

· Massive scale. Players can zoom in and see the citizens working in their cities or zoom out to see the revealed world presented in a real-time cloth map with one smooth transition.
· Unique factions. Choose from one of eight unique factions to play as or create their own by customizing traits and exclusive capabilities.
· Unit Design. Learning technologies unveils new and unique types of units. Players also can design their own units with a unique look, equipment, skills, weapons and more.
· Quests. Players are presented with tasks along the way. These quests present significant risk, but allow the player’s champions access to greater experience, magical items, equipment and new allies.
· Never the same game twice. The game supports randomly generated worlds. Players will never see the same map twice.
· Epic areas. Away from the starting locations, are the Wild Lands of Elemental. You’ll find these areas populated by unique and dangerous monsters, their defeat opens up rich lands for players to conquer and exploit.
· Multiple paths to victory. Win through diplomacy, questing, sorcery, or establish dominance with military conquest.

Designed by Derek Paxton, the creator of the acclaimed Civilization mod “Fall from Heaven”, Fallen Enchantress is a rich and deep strategy game that is designed to provide many hours of replayability and enjoyment.

The final version of Fallen Enchantress is expected to be released this Fall.

To learn more:
· Fallen Enchantress homepage: http://www.fallenenchantress.com
· Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/216390
· GameStop: http://www.impulsedriven.com/elementalfe
· GamersGate: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-EFE/fallen-enchantress

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