Upcoming Turn-based Strategy PC Game Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes Release Date Announced: Conquer Everything on May 22, 2013
Plymouth, MI – April 22, 2013 -- Stardock’s upcoming turn-based PC fantasy strategy title Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes (www.elementalgame.com) will be released May 22 on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/228260/) and pre-orders are currently available as a standalone game for $39.99. Fans who purchased Stardock’s 2010 game Elemental: War of Magic before October 31, 2010 will receive Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes for free, as promised in 2010. Owners of Fallen Enchantress (released in late 2012) are able to upgrade their existing games with the standalone expansion for $19.99.

Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes builds on the successes and addresses issues fans and critics had with the previous game – all masterminded by Derek Paxton, lead designer. Legendary Heroes adds new monsters, new champions, larger maps, new tactical battle maps and re-imagines the role of heroes in the world of Elemental. As with all Stardock titles, the game is designed to be played on even relatively low-end PCs, and has no DRM.

The minimum specs for Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes are listed below, and fans will be delighted to see that even most casual players can run this game:

• OS:Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2 / XP SP3
• Processor:2.4 GHz Processor
• Memory:1 GB RAM
• Graphics:256 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant Video Card w/Pixel Shader 2.0 (Radeon x1600 / GeForce 6800)
• DirectX®:9.0c
• Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
• Sound:DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
• Additional:To activate this game you must create a Stardock account while launching the game

Early previews for Legendary Heroes position the game in a much stronger light, with RTSGuru.com saying the game is “a strong contender for best game in the fantasy genre.”

And an early preview from ZTGameDomain hailed that "Legendary Heroes is a 4X game that I can easily sink hours into in one sitting."

About Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes:
Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is an expansion to Stardock’s popular Fallen Enchantress fantasy strategy game. The world of Elemental needs your help, the Fallen Enchantress seeks to destroy the fragile civilizations that have arisen from the ashes of the cataclysm. Fortunately, your fame has spread far and wide attracting the great heroes to aid you.

· Gain Champions through fame.
Champions are no longer simply randomly found, instead, they seek you out based on the amount of fame your kingdom has generated. But be warned, the legendary champions of old were not all Men or Fallen....

· New Leveling System.
Your sovereign and your champions now evolve through a skill tree that visually allows you to pre-plan what kind of hero you want him or her to be.

· New Tactical Battle Maps.
Battles are now much more intense with far more special skills available and initiative being far more important. New combat mechanics such as swarming increase the strategic options.

· New Monsters.
The Legendary Heroes did not reach our lands alone. Their ancient enemies have arrived with them including the nightmarish liches and their skeletal minions, banshees and the dreaded Garagoxi seek dominion over Elemental itself.

· More Magic.
New spells like "Wall of Fire" and "Raise Horde" add new options and new dangers to battle.

· Larger maps.
A new gigantic sized map delivers epic sized games.

For more information about Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes please visit www.elementalgame.com.