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Stardock Entertainment and TopWare Interactive today announced the companies have reached an agreement to bring many of TopWare’s best-selling games to the online distribution service. Under the agreement, acclaimed titles like Earth 2160 and Xpand Rally will be sold via at a significant savings over the shrink-wrapped boxed games. Products will become available via at regular intervals in the coming weeks, with Earth 2150 Trilogy and Chrome SpecForce among the first titles scheduled for release.

The initial list of TopWare Interactive titles coming to includes: Earth 2160 ($29.99 or three TGN tokens); Xpand Rally and Chrome SpecForce (each $19.99 or two tokens); Earth 2150 Trilogy, The Kings of the Dark Age, Chicken Shoot, Gorky 17, Heli Heroes, World War II: Panzer Claws, World War III: Black Gold, Septerra Core and Knights & Merchants (each $9.99 or one token).

Stardock today also announced a new pricing structure, with membership now starting at just $39.95. With the included five TGN tokens, players can purchase as many as five games through for the price of just one.

About is Stardock’s revolutionary online game-distribution service, where gamers can purchase and download dozens of titles, including the company's own award-winning games like Galactic Civilizations and 2004's The Political Machine, as well as many other premium first- and third-party PC games. offers a wide range of games for purchase without the hassles of copy protection; with the unique Secure Software Delivery system, players can download the games they purchase anytime, from anywhere. Players can buy games individually or get even greater value by purchasing a membership, starting at just $39.95. Included in the $39.95 membership fee are five TGN tokens, which players can use to purchase up to five games. Visit for more information.

About TopWare Interactive
TopWare Interactive is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company publishes interactive consumer software products in North America and is establishing a vast portfolio of premium and budget games for PC and console. TopWare launched more than 13 titles in the 2005 holiday season and has plans to launch over 50 titles in 2006. For more information, visit

About Stardock
Stardock is the world's leading developer of Windows enhancement utilities. Its software is used by more than 10 million people worldwide and has been licensed by trendsetting companies like nVidia, ATI, Alienware and Microsoft, plus in movies and TV. Stardock operates, the premier portal for Windows enhancement drawing more than three million unique visitors each month, in addition to one of the world's largest blogging communities,, where the company provides a popular freeware blog-reading program called Blog Navigator. Stardock is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. The company’s website is located at
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