Impulse Gets Shattered Suns
Plymouth, MI – August 20, 2008 – Stardock and Clear Crown Studios announced today that Impulse, the recently launched digital distribution platform, will carry Shattered Suns, a sci-fi real-time strategy game for PCs. The game launched today and is currently available via download at

Set in space, Shattered Suns gives players command of a fleet of player-designed space ships fighting 3-dimensional battles amid the ever-changing battlefield of orbiting planets and moons. Shattered Suns features unprecedented customization features for a real-time strategy (RTS) game, giving players the power to custom design every space ship in the player’s fleet. Ship weapons can also be customized and combined to form powerful combo weapons. Space battles are fought in all three dimensions. Orbiting planets and moons create an ever-changing battlefield with interesting strategic challenges. All of these features take place within the context of a single-player campaign that lets the player interact directly with characters in an epic story. Through the campaign, players make choices to explore non-linear story arcs and collect resources and ships to carry with them from game to game.

Chas. Cooper, founder of Clear Crown Studios stated, “Stardock is clearly committed to making Impulse a one-stop shop for a wider variety of software than consumers normally find all in one place. Digital distribution is becoming increasingly mainstream as publishers want to offer their games through digital distribution on the same day as the retail store releases.”

“Giving consumers instant access to games like Shattered Suns on the day of their retail release shows that on-line digital distribution has come a long way in recent years,” says Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock. “With Impulse, we’re now taking digital distribution to a whole new level and turning it into a complete platform. With Impulse, you don’t just download Shattered Suns. You get the power of an entire community with integrated blogs, chat, and forums. You also get portable access to play Shattered Suns on any PC you use, as long as you have Impulse on that PC.”

“We’re very excited about the potential for Impulse,” continued Cooper. “Impulse is already off to a great start, and Stardock has a great vision for where they want to take Impulse, one that will add a lot of value for game players. We also have great respect for Stardock as a company and are quite confident they can execute on their vision.”

The distribution partnership between Stardock and Clear Crown Studios is one of many indicators that Impulse is well positioned to bring digital software distribution more into the mainstream than ever before.

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