Humanity Reaches Evochron and the Race to Claim Space, Wealth, And Power Is on
Boise, ID, March 11th, 2005 -- StarWraith 3D Games LLC is excited to announce the release of Evochron, a space combat and trading simulation built using the award-winning combat and graphics technology of the Star Wraith series. In this challenging and addictive new game, you are placed in a recently discovered region of space where your survival depends on your ability to manage wealth and resources as well as your skills in combat. Small colonies populate the various planets and stations that you interact with in your quest. Other ships aren't merely objects to shoot at or fly by, they are an important part of the game's interactive universe. With the unique ship-to-ship trade system, you can negotiate trade deals and offer bribes to change your reputation, all in real-time gameplay. The game's complete player interaction system also puts you in control of planetary descents, station docking, asteroid mining, jump drive navigation, and much more.

Evochron's freeform gameplay lets you play the game in a variety of ways. You can accept contracts for combat or transport duties and receive a set amount of money, or complete objectives on your own terms and fly for yourself. The game features a unified single player and multiplayer gameplay architecture, which lets you keep what you earn in either mode to use anywhere in the game.

Evochron puts you in the action with a first person perspective and real-time gameplay events. Buy and sell right from the cockpit and manipulate the dynamic economy to your advantage. Explore massive systems featuring highly-detailed environments including nebula clouds, asteroid fields, planets, radiation zones, gravity fields, and more. You can travel to uncharted space for hidden benefits, but remain aware of possible threats such as a black hole or massive star. You manage all long range travel with the built-in open space navigation and jump drive system, with no jump gates or trade lanes to hold you back. The freedom of unrestricted travel also brings new dangers. You must learn how to navigate around planets and other obstacles in addition to conserving valuable fuel.

Evochron runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP with a recommended minimum system configuration that includes a 700 MHz processor, 64 MB 3D accelerator, 128 MB of RAM, and 50 MB of hard drive space. The game supports keyboard, mouse, and joystick/gamepad flight control. The full version of the game features unrestricted gameplay, multiplayer, plus access to all systems, ships, and weapons.
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