Storm Eagle Studios Debuts Distant Guns!
After dominating the shape and direction of PC wargaming during 1990s, designing and co-designing award winning titles such as SSI's "Tanks" and "Red Lightning", Talonsoft's "Battleground Series, East Front, West Front" and the ground breaking "The Operational Art of War " , the dynamic duo are back with an entirely new approach to creation and distribution of computer games!

Storm Eagle Studios was conceived as a totally new concept in design and publishing of high quality, polished 3D strategy and simulation computer games. Breaking from the old game distribution model of the past, which strangled the very economic life out of many PC game publishers, was one of two key concepts in creating Storm Eagle Studios.

Distant Guns! Is a ground breaking, heart thumping debut of our all new full 3D Naval Simulation game! Covering the Russo-Japanese War 1904-05, Distant Guns packs all of the essential features you would expect from Norm Koger & Jim Rose. Utilizing our proprietary rendering engine, Distant Guns delivers a totally immersive experience

Norm Koger, Co Founder and Maestro of Storm Eagle Studios says…

“It appears that Distant Guns! may have been launched at exactly the right time. In years past, quality games had to appeal to the broadest possible market in order to succeed. Delivery technology and sales necessary to support the development of a polished game required physical distribution on store shelves. For quite a while now, it has been an uphill battle to place any wargame on a store shelf that is not either painfully oversimplified or strongly focused on Americans riding around in large armored vehicles. As a result, most recent games that don’t fall into these categories have been developed on a shoestring. The wargamer had a choice: stick to the very limited, beer and pretzels style of mass market wargame available on store shelves, or go with “grognard’s only” cottage industry titles. There’s nothing really wrong with either of those. Both can be quite enjoyable. But over a few beers, a couple years back, Jim and I saw the possibility of a third option".

Broad bandwidth connections open up the possibility of delivering games rich in art and music content, while freeing us from the serious issues of dealing with several levels of middle men, and balancing inventory and demand. Server based software allows sales, support, and intellectual property protection options previously unavailable. Widespread use of the web lets potential customers discover us. We won’t rule out store shelf distribution at some point, but we believe that these technologies have advanced to the point where state of the art games covering topics a couple sigma’s off the very tip of the popularity curve can be profitable.

Serious gamers will find everything they want, while the time, effort, and resources devoted allow more casual gamers to find the games much more approachable than the typical “serious game".

"We intend to have our cake, and eat it too"..... Norm Koger

It should be possible to devote real resources to topics like the Russo-Japanese or Franco-Prussian wars without going belly up. We intend to have our cake, and eat it too. With the Distant Guns! engine, we believe we have exactly the right games ready or under development to give this approach a worthy trial. Maybe, eventually, we will even get around to doing something involving Americans and large armored vehicles.”

Jim Rose, Co Founder and Capell Meister of Storm Eagle Studios stated…

"Distant Guns! marks the name of our debut release from Storm Eagle Studios and the name of our 3D engine technology"....

“Blending the aspects of a full blown 3D environment with an historical simulation, then wrapping it inside a fun and enjoyable game has eluded many would be game designers in the past. Norm and I have delivered all of these in our newest release, Distant Guns!"

He continued, "The game industry is littered with games that look great and have very little historical accuracy or they are very historically accurate but are visually unappealing. The Distant Guns! gaming environment offers stunning 3D visuals with historical accuracy of the highest detail. Delivering this coated with an incredibly fun gaming experience is something that has eluded most computer game companies. Streamlining tasks such as force management, formation management, and info management are just a few of the areas that we have improved on.”

"If all of your game design effort is spent on a realistic morale model and very little on how much fun the game is, the end result is easily predictable. Our development pace has allowed us the luxury to polish and hone "Distant Guns!" to very, very sharp point. Norm Koger is the "Mozart" of wargame design! He is the best I have ever seen! Norm deserves most of the credit for the inner workings of the game design. His tenacity and ability to project & interpret ideas and concepts, then quickly turn them into reality is amazing to watch. Our relationship has grown to a point where we can strike up an idea, flesh it out and evaluate it both pro and con, fully understand the ramifications and then decide if it makes since to expend resources to achieve in as little as an hour. It is truly a privilege to work with him! "

Distant Guns – The Russo-Japanese War at Sea
Basic PC Requirements…
Processor class: Intel Pentium III, 1.5GHz or faster
Memory: 512MB system RAM, 400MB free Hard Drive space.
Operating System: Windows XP
Graphics: DirectX 8 or 9 level add-in 3d graphics adapter. nVidia GeForce 4 (or similar) or later recommended
Sound: Hardware accelerated add-in 3d sound card recommended.
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