Strategy First Inc. Announces Anmynor Puzzles is Available for PC, Mac & Linux
January.30th, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Strategy First a digital games publisher and developer Pyxel Arts Digital Entertainment are pleased to announce the release of Anmynor Puzzles available to all participating worldwide digital distribution networks. Developed by Pyxel Arts Digital Entertainment the PC Puzzles game features 100 challenging levels of magic and alchemy.

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Anmynor Puzzles invites gamers to explore a world of magic and alchemy. It is a world full of surprises and challenges that will test the intuition, dexterity and reflexes of gamers everywhere. The evil alchemist Racuna has kidnapped Professor Flaws, the man who created the Golems. Assist the professorís apprentice, Little Jimmy, in his Quest to rescue the Professor. Learn how to control the unique abilities of 17 friendly Golems over 100 levels full of fiendish traps and puzzles. This world of loveable accident-prone golems is reminiscent of classic games like Lemmings and Chu Chu the Rocket.

Features include:

100 Challenging Levels
Special Hidden Levels
Superb & polished 3D Graphics
Strategic Game Play
Real Time Interaction
17 Different Golems with their own skillset
Combine different Golems to create unique Golems

Anmynor Puzzles is currently available in both English and Spanish. The product is available for PC and MAC users. Visit for future announcements about available languages and platforms. We invite all press inquiries to contact us for a review version of Anmynor Puzzles.
We kindly invite Gamers everywhere to vote for Anmynor Puzzles on Steam Green Light

About: Strategy First Inc.
Strategy First Inc. is a worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC & Social Networks. Founded in 1989, the Company is well known for publishing FlatOut, Space Empires, Ghost Master, Vegas Make It Big, Disciples, Jagged Alliance, Dangerous Waters, and hundreds of games. Winning numerous awards. follow us on Twitter: strategy_first

bout Pyxel Arts
Pyxel Arts is a Spanish company dedicated to the development of R&D products for videogames, as well as videogame development studio, with 100% Spanish capital, based in Madrid. The studio is formed by 20 professionals, composed of programmers, artists, designers, animators, modellers, music and experts in marketing and communication. Anmynor Puzzles is the first game of the Anmynor franchise and the studio is also preparing the first game of its second IP, Theryon Wars.
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