Strategy First Releases New Screenshots for UberSoldier 2
MONTREAL, Quebec – June 5, 2008 – Please find attached new screenshots for Ubersoldier 2. Published by Software publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSTR), and developed by Burut Creative Team, the WWII inspired first person shooter will be hitting North American retailers this Summer.

About Ubersoldier 2
It is April 1945. Allied armies are closing on the Nazi capital Berlin. US planes are roaming the skies over the Reich, and the thunder of Soviet artillery can be heard even in the Fuhrer’s bunker. The fall of the Nazi rule is imminent. Even the closest aides have abandoned Hitler and are trying to find an exit strategy out of the war.

° Next-gen quality graphics, physics and AI.
° Full multiplayer through LAN and Internet with up to 16 players.
° Unique WW2 era weapons, including prototypes.
° RPG features, including special abilities and accumulation of experience.
° Special combat bonuses and possibility to tune them.
° 21 weapons, including look-alikes of “Luger Parabellum”, “Tommy Gun”, MG-42, BAR and Panzerschreck.
° Dozens of types of brutal enemies, including armor valkyries and telekinetic mutants.
° Lots of vehicles from jeeps and trucks to tanks and planes.

For more information and to pre-order your copy today, please visit:

About Strategy First Inc
Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings (Nasdaq: SSTR), is a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC. Founded in 1990, the Company is well known for its proprietary groundbreaking titles, such as the award winning Disciples, Jagged Alliance and Space Empires series of games, which are under continuing development. Simultaneously, Strategy First continues to publish many of the industry’s major titles, winning numerous awards for games such as “Hearts of Iron”, and “Galactic Civilizations.” Recent offerings include top releases such as “S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters™” and “Space Empires V.” The Company provides a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience.

About Silverstar Holdings
Silverstar Holdings Ltd. is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SSTR), focusing on acquiring controlling positions in high growth retail driven and fee-based electronic game businesses that stand to benefit from the economies of scale generated by the Internet and other technology related platforms. It currently owns Fantasy Sports, Inc., a dominant provider of fee-based NASCAR related and other fantasy sports games, Strategy First Inc., a leading developer and worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC, as well as a stake in Magnolia Broadband, a fabless semiconductor company and innovator of radio frequency (RF) solutions for the cellular industry.

About Play Ten Interactive
Play Ten Interactive (PTI) is an independent publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software
for PC and consoles. The company was founded in March 2005 by a group of professionals and is
headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Current international partners of Play Ten include such publishers as
10Tacle, Activision Value, BHV, CDV, Nobilis, PlayLogic, Groove Games, JoWood and developers such as
Spellbound, Deep Shadows, Deck13, Kylotonn, Burut CT, 3000 AD, Indy21, and WorldForge; as well as
Riverdeep, Cornelsen, Phenomedia and The Learning Company for kid's games. Having released more than
30 titles in 2 years, Play Ten Interactive is set for a further expansion in the gaming branch.

About Burut CT
Burut CT is one of the major Russian companies in the field of PC game development. Today “Burut CT” owns several development studios, a sound production department, animation, localization and programming studios. In the whole, the company unites more than 100 professionals – game designers, 3D modelers and designers, 2D designers, animators, programmers, script programmers, sound engineers, translators, artists and testers.

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