STRATEGY FIRST Announces Bill 'Spaceman' Lee Out Of The Park Baseball 10 Release Date
MONTREAL, Quebec – June.5, 2009 -- Software publisher Strategy First Inc., and Out of the Park Productions are proud to present Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee Out Of The Park Baseball 10, which will be released June 9,2009.

Out Of The Park Baseball 10 is the 10th installment of the award-winning baseball management simulation game. The game will add more features to an already unparalleled feature set and improve already existing ones. With an improved artificial intelligence, which results the most realistic baseball management experience, Out Of The Park Baseball 10 continues the tradition of innovative management simulations.

Out Of The Park Baseball 10 includes a brand new never before seen 90 minute interview with Red Sox Hall of Fame Pitcher Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee. The celebrated pitcher provides his unique insight into baseball management, history, and tips on how to build a World Series caliber team.

“We are excited to bring Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee Out Of The Park Baseball 10 to Gamers world wide. Teaming up one of Major League baseball’s iconic pitchers Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee with the award winning franchise will provide Gamers with great game play, information and entertainment all in one offering.” Says Strategy First Business Development Manager Emanuel Wall

Some of the new features are outlined below
· All new Bill “The Spaceman Lee” 90 minute interview
· 2009 Major League Rosters
· Reworked Pitching System
· Customizable In-Game Screen
· Improved In-Game AI
· Enhanced Play-By-Play
· Inaugural Draft With Budgets
· Improved Arbitration
· Improved Free Agent Compensation
· Improved Player Evaluation AI
· Improved Injury System
· Minor League Disabled Lists
· Optional Reserve Roster Limit
· More News Stories
· eMail Support in Online Leagues
Improved Historical Simulation

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