Strategy First & Just A Game Team Up to Publish Deep Black
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 26, 2011.

Software publisher Strategy First Inc and Just A Game GmbH are pleased to announce their publishing partnership of 3rd person shooter Deep Black. Strategy First will publish Deep Black to North America retail. Just A Game and Strategy First will also work together on a worldwide digital release of Deep Black with all participating outlets.

“We are very happy to partner with Strategy First for a number of reasons. A highly anticipated game such as Deep Black requires a partner who can bring the game to North America retail outlets. We also are excited about the digital distribution release of Deep Black which with Strategy First’s syndication platform will enable to exceed our high expectations." Commented Just A Game’s International Sales Manager Martin Szymanski.

“Deep Black is an exciting and innovative game which offers a Real 3-D game play experience that Gamers will be excited about. Working with Just A Game is an incredible opportunity for us to expand our franchise as the go to publisher of high quality immersive games” Said Emanuel Wall Director of Strategy First Inc.

Strategy First and Just A Game will provide further updates about some of the innovations that they are bringing to Deep Black that will allow Gamers an opportunity to experience the game on a whole new level.

About Strategy First Inc.:
Strategy First Inc., Is a worldwide publisher of entertainment software for the PC and Social Networks Founded in 1990, the Company is well known for its proprietary groundbreaking titles, such as the award winning Disciples, Jagged Alliance as well as the continuing development of the Space Empires series of games. Strategy First continues to publish many of the industry’s major titles, winning numerous awards for games such as “Hearts of Iron”, and “Galactic Civilizations.” Recent offerings include top releases such as “S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters™”, “Space Empires V.” , the “Flatout” series and “Armada 2526”. The Company provides a unique alternative for independent developers seeking to market their games to a worldwide audience. Find out more at

About Just A Game GmbH:
Just A Game GmbH is a Berlin based computer and video game publisher, operating across
worldwide markets. A subsidiary company of Bob Mobile AG, Just-A Game has a strategic focus on two areas of business, one of which is direct sales to end-users of browser based multiplayer and social games as well as innovative mobile games. Just A Game’s other activity is in the area of licensing and publishing classic ‘offline’ games for next generation consoles and PC for both retail markets and digital distribution. You can find out more about Just A Game GmbH and its current publishing roster at

About Deep Black
Deep Black is a 3rd person action shooter that features extensive game play. 40 single player missions and 4 different environments that offer a mix of both land and underwater Real 3-D graphics. Experience an immersive storyline that takes place in the depts. of the ocean. Gamers will confront terror, mystery, espionage and bio-terror all from the comforts of home
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