Join the Rage! Syncopate's Rage of Titans Unleashed in Russia
Company: Syncopate
MOSCOW - Oct. 25, 2011
Syncopate, a leading online games publisher in Russia, today announced that Rage of Titans, a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title, has been localized and commercially released for Russian audiences. The Russian version of Rage of Titans is available exclusively through GameNet, Syncopate’s social network and distribution platform for gamers.

Rage of Titans’ session-based gameplay has been popular with audiences across the globe, winning Pubwin Media’s coveted “The Best Competitive Online Game” award, as well as becoming the first MOBA game to be an official tournament title in World Cyber Games (WCG) Russia. Players can sign up to fight on Rage of Titans’ highly competitive battlefields by visiting the game’s official website at

In Rage of Titans, players must join a centuries-long struggle for dominance over the land. Developed and produced by MOBA enthusiasts and professional gamers, Rage of Titans presents a new take on the classic MOBA model, adding dynamic environments, refocused battlefield tactics and a matching system that guarantees similarly-skilled opponents.

Key features include:
• Rally points that players can use to strategically respawn minions
• An advanced matching system that facilitates engaging battles with evenly matched players
• In-depth gameplay statistics, such as battle data and leaderboards, for players who want insight on their progress
• A reconnect feature that allows gamers to quickly rejoin dropped matches and avoid unfair losses

“I am delighted that more and more gamers are deciding to join the industry and make games for each other,” said Ilya Verigin, Syncopate CEO. “This is certainly true of the game's developer, SG-TY; Rage of Titans is made by DotA pros for DotA fans, and I am sure this approach is bound to succeed.”

Rage of Titans sets itself apart by being the first Russian MOBA title played professionally. Gamers have enjoyed fierce Rage of Titans competition through Syncopate-sponsored tournaments and the official WCG 2011 Final in Moscow, which Syncopate co-organized. Rage of Titans was the second Syncopate title available in the competition, appearing alongside military-themed shooter War Inc. Battlezone.

"It was our pleasure to find in Syncopate not only a business partner we could rely on, but also a company who shares our passion for DotA-styled games," said Qian Wenhai, SG-TY CEO.

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About Syncopate
Syncopate is a leading Russian online game publisher introducing a brand new social network for gamers – GameNet – that enhances both the gaming experience and game-to-game communications. GameNet seamlessly integrates social networking and community features that extend the boundaries of online gaming. Syncopate is the exclusive publisher in Russia and the CIS of internationally acclaimed hits including Blood Rites by KongZhong (NASDAQ:KONG), Rage of Titans by Ningbo SG-TY and War Inc. Battlezone by Online Warmongers Group. Additional information is available at

About Ningbo SG-TY
Ningbo Shengguang Tianyi Technology Ltd (SG-TY) was established in 2008 as part of the Shengguang Group by gaming enthusiasts well-known in the world of professional DotA players. The development team comprises top tier professionals, including people who were engaged in production of such titles like Aion: The Tower of Eternity, TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, and Age of Conan. Rage of Titans became the first product of the company and has been highly acclaimed with community and the media. The game received “The Best Competitive Online Game” award by Pubwin Media, and will become the cybersport discipline of World Cyber Games (WCG 2011) in China.