First-Person Action-Adventure Dimenxian Teaches Algebra
Company: Tabula Digita
Oct 25th, 2005 – Tabula Digita ( is proud to announce that their first educational game, Dimenxian, is ready to teach the world about algebra. Though the game industry is plagued by concerns over the destruction of morality, Tabula Digita, with Dimenxian, have selected to work with popular culture rather than against it.

In today’s world single exams can sometimes radically alter a child’s prospects in life. With education under funded and teachers in short supply, Dimenxian offers a way out. Dimenxian is designed with one purpose in mind: Any student who can complete the game will pass their state algebra exam. A side effect is the average increase of one letter grade or more in student’s grades.

Unlike most educational games, Dimenxian is a game kids will want to play. It’s a first person action adventure where you battle island creatures and solve puzzles. It is fast paced and uses every ounce of modern technology, putting it on par with commercial video games that people line up to play. Each level in the game is broken down like a text book. It is designed in such a way that Tabula Digita is recommending teachers allow the print-out of their results in the game to supplement homework.

Dimenxian has a team of dedicated advisors and participants who range from Doctors of Psychology to the very students who play them. Dimenxian has been demonstrated by these people to work.

Robert Clegg, Co-Founder of Tabula Digita said, “The objective is to excite students about learning. Algebra isn’t super hard; but it can be hard to pay attention to if you are unable to visualize or experience what you are learning. Our goal is simple: The student learns what they need to pass their exams , excel in class and have a blast doing it!”

If you are a student struggling with Algebra, a parent with a struggling student, or a teacher with many students, Dimenxian has a solution to a problem that goes far beyond algebra. Find out more at
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