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Tactical Coders announce their new tactical planner to help teams in tactics creation: XTac Tactical Planner is available in English, french and German.

In the last 5 years the video game competition has seen a growing expansion. The arrival of renowned sponsors led to the creation of professional teams, world championships, national leagues and many international competitions on the Internet.

XTac aims at helping individual players and teams to develop their tactics and strategies based on their favorite games environments (maps).

Compatible with any FPS/RTS game The main advantage of XTac is its flexibility and its numerous features: it allows collaborative work in real time and can fit any type of FPS and RTS games. A tactic can be created from any image in JPG format representing game environment.

Flexible, secure, scalable and communicating, XTac is useful for lone amateur players and teams involved into the "electronic sports" community.

XTac is free
XTac is a free software that can be used by a single player to create, edit and save its tactics. It can then be shared by all means at its disposal (email, ftp, website ...). Beeing free, XTac offers a riskfree experience.

XTac Server : a realtime collaborative service
XTac is primarily intended to be used online in collaborative mode through XTac Server. It provides, via a subscription, a way to create, modify, exchange and share tactics in real time with other people. XTac is not just a simple paperboard, it is a robust tool to help your team in creating complex tactics and strategies in huge multilevel maps.

Main features
· Create single or multilevel files for any game with XTac MDK.
· Support for large images up to 10000 x 10000 pixels @ 300dpi.
· Manage up to 16 teams or groups, 32 players/team, 256 waypoints/player.
· Easy to use interface: drag'n'drop symbols, contextual menus, mouse scroll for zooming and scrolling lists.
· Real time collaborative work.

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Need more informations?
You will find many answers to your questions by downloading XTac on You can also try the collaborative service by logging in the DEMO server (preconfigured in software).

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Behind the name of Tactical Coders hiding the two software developers:
· Clovis DURANDMOLDAWAN, age 30, software programmer. He is a former FPS player and also leads a communication consulting agency.
· Benjamin BERNARD DE SAINT AFFRIQUE, age 31, software engineer. He is a Warcraft III and FEAR player and also leads a software consulting company.

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M. Clovis DURANDMOLDAWAN / +33(0) 613 16 84 47
M. Benjamin BERNARD DE SAINT AFFRIQUE / +33(0) 608 00 13
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