Taitale Studios Announces Attendance at gamescom, Cologne, Germany.
Taitale Studios has announced that it will be making its Gamescom debut August 16 – 19, 2012, with a focus on their hotly anticipated new release, Novus AEterno. The company is excited to also offer the first ever consumer playable demo of the Novus AEterno, A True AAA MMORTS game experience. Taitale Studios will be located in the Entertainment Area located between the Nexon and Trion, at Hall 8.1, Stand B-018 and in the Business Area near Capcom at Hall 4.1, stand A-025.

Novus AEterno, the studio’s inaugural release, is being touted as A True AAA MMORTS game, rebuilding the RTS genre from the ground up and melding with MMO to yield a unique fan experience. For the past five years, the development team at Taitale Studios has broken barriers and created new philosophies in game development to create the MMORTS, expanding both the MMO and the RTS genres without sacrificing the best of each individual game type.

While some studios have the notion that an MMO game is defined as having up to 64 players playing simultaneously, Taitale Studios is of the mindset that the first “M” in MMO means MASSIVE… and massive it shall be. Novus AEterno can literally handle over 30,000 empires in a single galaxy, which is on large RTS map. Keep in mind, there are endless galaxies that a player can jump between, meaning hundreds of thousands of players (if not more) playing simultaneously. “When you play an MMO, you expect it to have reach and feel overwhelming. To us, when developing Novus AEterno, we never felt a cap at 64 players was truly the breadth we were looking to achieve. So we went big. Thirty thousand players or more in a single galaxy kind of felt massive to us. And then you add in the unlimited galaxies that the game has, extrapolate that out… well, that’s Massive to us,” says Studio head, Nick Nieuwoudt.

Taitale also solved a problem that was always thought to be a key challenge to creating a viable MMORTS game: What happens when a player is offline? What happens to his empire? This apparent brick-wall of a problem was solved by a crafting a unique AI system that maintains your empire as you instruct it to while you’re off line. Taitale has coined this AI technology as “Overwatch”. Think of it as an autopilot for your empire while you’re away from the game.

Novus AEterno launched a truly unique program in March of 2012: The Novus AEterno Infiltrator Program. This program has allowed (and will, ongoingly allow) for fans of the game to become an extension of the core development team by operating as Game Play Testers and Quality Assurance Reporters. Staying true to the philosophy that Taitale Studios is a studio created “by gamers for gamers”, the Infiltrator Program has received applications for admission from over 50 countries world wide, extending an opportunity for the at home gamer to finally be able to not only glimpse behind the scenes on the game development, but also to have a direct impact on that development.


Taitale Studios was founded in 2007 by Nick Nieuwoudt when he was sixteen years old. He was an avid gamer who yearned for more from a game than he was able to get from the titles that were available. He formulated the idea for Novus AEterno and over the next five years he assembled a team of developers, artists, writers and programmers that have collectively produced Novus AEterno.

To bring an unprecedented level of authenticity to the game that they were developing, Nieuwoudt enlisted Major General Jim Hunt. A retired 2-Star United States General and Veteran Fighter Pilot, Hunt is now the highest ranked military advisor in the gaming industry. The General has brought immeasurable knowledge to the military aspects of the game, but more importantly he brought the principle basis of the strategy of the game, D.I.M.E.: Diplomacy, Information, Military and Economy. Taitale Studios will be showcasing at Gamescom how the D.I.M.E. principles work within Novus AEterno.

Taitale Studios is a completely independent studio with no commitments or agreements with any industry group, publisher or distributor.


Updates throughout the show will be available on Twitter and Facebook.
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