Tamestorm Games Releases Filler
TameStorm Games announces today the unveiling of the newest version of "Filler", a nice game for the whole family. The confectioners at TameStorm
have baked a finger-licking good product! You simply won't take your eyes off the eye candy the game is made of. This is a charming puzzle game for
everybody, who wants to have fun or just relax. The inner structure of the game reveals features of puzzles and strategies combined, so we have a few
games to put on the same list. Filler is a perfect means to get rid of the stress or bad thoughts on your mind.

One of the main principles of the game is to relax the player, so once you have started playing the game, the rules become intuitively clear to you.
What you are to do here is to occupy the half or the majority of the flowers on the field. The field is a meticulously crafted meadow picture, in which
flowers are fresh and live and their petals still remember the touch of an artist's brush. You always start a game from the left side. Computer always
starts from the right one. You always make the first move. The game field has flowers with coins, which you need to seize. The more coins you have,
the more bonuses you can buy. And that's nice. If you have gathered enough money, you can repaint flowers in the color of your zone, randomize
unoccupied space, and make your opponent miss one turn and more.

To expand the size of your flower territory you should seize adjoining flowers. Just click on the flower of a different color, bordering your territory, and all the flowers of the given color turn into yours. What a player should take into account is that a computer player does not always move the same. Sometimes your computer seems to be a babe in the woods, but sometimes you will need to do your best to win. Two modes of the game are available: classic puzzle and advanced puzzle. In advanced puzzle mode you will see black flowers that you can't seize. These flowers make your game
especially puzzling and tricky.

"This is a groovy game. My child and I now have a little crush on this game. My low spirits just vanish once I've started playing Filler" says Anna, one
of the customers. "I've never seen games like that before," says Victor, when he saw the game for the first time. "The design is really gorgeous: I especially like dragonflies in the main menu. The game is quite relaxing, but sometimes is a real tough nut to crack."

"Filler" Features at a Glance (Full Version):
- Unlimited gameplay time;
- 100 layouts of the field and 100 levels in advanced game;
- 100 levels in classic game;
- 11 special bonuses;
- Development and interesting game for your children;
- Graphics designed by masters of Russian Khokhloma painting;
- Splendid relaxing game.

Pricing and Availability
Filler 1.2 runs under Windows98/ME/2000/XP and costs $14.95 (USD). The full version of the game has no time or level limitations. Additional information on Filler, as well as its evaluation version with 30 minutes of the game play and several locked levels is available as a free download at

About TameStorm Games
Founded in 2003, the company takes its general interest in developing casual games (various puzzle games and arcades). Developers of the company have created such popular fun-makers as Virus (thrilling real time strategic game) and River Raider II (fresh remake of an old and very popular game - River Raid). For more information about the games, please visit the website: http://www.tamestorm.com.

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TameStorm Games is ready to provide all readers of your edition with a 15% discount on Filler. The coupon is TAME-HQBL-FILL.

Product page link: http://www.tamestorm.com/games/filler_puzzle_game
Download link: http://www.tamestorm.com/games/filler_puzzle_game/filler_demo_setup.exe
E-mail: info@tamestorm.com
Web: http://www.tamestorm.com
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