Team Ninja Unveils Two New Characters, Tag Mode, and Video Vignette for Dead or Alive 5
Company: Team NINJA
Hertfordshire, 18 July 2012- Today Team NINJA reveals the Tag mode alongside two new contenders joining the fighting roster for Dead or Alive 5, which is headed to the Xbox 360® and PlayStation®3 on September 25, 2012.

Both the star-struck vixen Tina and Jeet Kune Do master Jann Lee make their triumphant returns to the Dead or Alive franchise. Showcasing stunning new character designs and the lifelike detail that Dead or Alive is known for, these characters boast all-new styles and even deadlier techniques, reflecting the look and feel of the intense new generation of Dead or Alive combat. To premier these two new characters, Team NINJA has released all new images of the characters and a video vignette highlighting both fighters squaring off in heated tag team combat, with the return of a fan-favorite stage as the backdrop.

Tina, also known as “The Superstar”, is the daughter of legendary wrestler Bass. Trained by her father from a young age, Tina possesses an amazing level of technical skill at wrestling, easy tying up opponents with a combination of arm and leg locks and powerful throws. Despite her father’s wishes for her to carry on the family wrestling tradition, Tina has joined the Dead or Alive Tournament with a pursuit of superstardom on a whole new level!

Jann Lee, also known as “A Scorching Soul”, is a self-taught master of Jeet Kune Do, who seeks the thrill of battle whenever he can. By watching martial-arts movies as a young orphan, he taught himself the deadly fast kicks and sudden, hard hitting jabs that make Jann Lee the very confident, perhaps even cocky, fighter he is today. Jann Lee enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments with the lone goal of becoming the greatest fighter of all time, while simultaneously trying to avoid the obsession of Lei Fang, who has been chasing him ever since he saved her from a street gang as a young girl.

It’s full-on tag team combat, as Jann Lee/Lei Fang square off against masked wrestlers Mariposa and Mr. Strong, in the incredible wrestling stage called Fighting Entertainment! Fighters compete in an electrified ring surrounded by a captivated crowd of cheering fans. Set in a packed wrestling arena, fighters must carefully outmaneuver their opponent to avoid being zapped by the high voltage current coursing through the ropes. Even the slightest touch can instantly stun, leaving one open to a vicious tag team combo.

Dead or Alive 5 also includes an improved Training Mode that lets players control more features than the any previous Dead or Alive game. A wealth of options are now available on the settings screen for players to adjust the AI opponent's behavior, such as input recording, recovery time from staggers and more! Players will have the ability to practice and improve their Dead or Alive skills for any scenario. There are also optional missions during Story mode battles to teach players everything from basic controls to advanced fighting techniques!

Dead or Alive 5 is developed by Team NINJA and published by Tecmo Koei.

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