Team Tarsier and Gameport AB Announced Today That Their Newly Developed Prototype Metronome Is On Its Way to E3
Company: Team Tarsier
Title: Metronome
Developer: Team Tarsier

\"A next-gen adventure game where sound is your weapon.\"

Venture into the city of Metronome, a sprawling mass of haphazardly built houses and makeshift machinery where the outlandish inhabitants are carrying out their chores day and night.

A city where the life of every citizen is dictated by the Corporation, a single bureaucratic entity that owns all the land, the entire infrastructure and all the industries.

Filled with a strange desire to work, nobody seems to find time to pause and question the actual purpose of the city.

Explore winding alleys, skewed rooftops and crowded apartment buildings as you search for proof of the Corporations secret agenda. Listen out for sounds to record that will help you manipulate your surroundings and your enemies, as you slowly uncover a mystery that reaches out from the borders of the game and into reality itself.

Key Features

Sound recording
Record and store any sound you can hear. Different sounds have different properties making them valuable for a wide variety of tasks.

Use recorded sounds in various ways
Fight enemies by using loud and destructive sounds.
Manipulate and soothe characters by using melodious and seductive sounds.
Fool enemies by clever usage of the right sounds at the right time.

Sound based problem solving
Record and replace the sounds of objects in the world to make them behave differently, combine recorded sounds to create new functionality and fuse them into items.

Make some noise
Can\'t find the specific sound you need? Create it yourself! Shove a bookcase down some stairs, throw a rock through a window or simply annoy someone enough to make them shout at you and then record the result.

Planting ideas
By merging collected sounds and various ingredients, ideas can be created.
Ideas that can be used to inspire and control citizens.

Cinematic soundtrack integration
Our music system allows unprecedented control over the presentation and style of the gameworld.
Subtly let the footsteps of a shady character you are following coincide with the sneaky beat of the music, have him stop and look over his shoulder exactly as the music pauses.\"

Metronome is powered by Artificial Studios\' Reality Engine.
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