Team6 Announces New Line-Up for 2005 / 2006
Company: Team Tarsier
Team6 game studios announced today their new line-up of PC CD-ROM titles for 2005 and early 2006.

Ronnie Nelis, CEO: "We have almost finished work on our latest game, "Scooter War3z", and we decided this is a good time to reveal more about our upcoming titles."

Early movie trailers and screenshots from Scooter War3z are already available from mirror sites ( and Gamershell (

New Team6 games which will be released in late 2005 or early 2006:

- Scooter War3z
Mad bikers, bling bling, road rage, it's all there.

- Pizzadude
Creating and delivering Pizza's in a comic-style game for kids.

- Glacier
High speed 'car combat' situated on a dangerous mountain.

- Elite Heli Squad II
Entirely mission-based thanks to new free-roam technology.

- Sunshine Beach Volleyball
Sun, sand, sea and.. girls in bikini's.

- Bodycount
Harry and his fists deliver some serious pain.

The largest title from this list is a game named "Bodycount". Nico Braam, FD: "Our next 'really big' title will be "Bodycount", but since we don't have an investor yet for this title, this project is entirely funded by revenues from our budgetline. Because of this, Team6 can not give a releasedate for "Bodycount" at the moment".

Ronnie Nelis, CEO: "Next to these impressive 6 titles, we have some offers and game-ideas from several publishers and agents. Therefore, keep in mind that this list might not be .. entirely complete."

About Team6 game studios Team6 game studios was founded in 2003 and are responsible for delivering major games like "Taxi 3: Extreme Rush", "Manhattan Chase", and also for many mid-priced and budgetgames like "Amsterdam Taxi Madness", "ATV Mudracer", "Elite HeliSquad", "Shanghai StreetRacer", "Thunderbolt", "Taxi2: London and NewYork" and many other PCgames. Team6 game studios is located in the Netherlands, and currently is in the Top3 of the best (quality and quantity) developers of the Netherlands. Their strategy is simple: "Create the best games in the most efficient, timesaving way possible". Due to this strategy, the Team6 is able to offer a wide range of highquality games for an affordeable price.
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