Specforce Web Page Launch
Company: Techland
Techland today is pleased to announce that it has launched the official SpecForce home page.

The latest title developed at Poland-based Techland, SpecForce is an innovative SciFi shooter, in which the player becomes a SpecForce operative, who must, along with the rest of his unit, face the threat of interplanetary terrorist factions. The struggle takes place in a complex landscape, where futuristic urban environments intertwine with dense and uncharted natural territory.
Some of the SpecForce official home page features include never before seen product details, latest screenshots, and video clips. Fans will also find a detailed timeline, showcasing the events that preceded SpecForce’s storyline. The first part of the sometimes controversial vision of the future is available now.
Aside from information abut the game itself, the new home page hosts an exclusive section devoted to SpecForce’s map editor. Here fans can not only find the fine details on how to use the map editor, but also download add-on maps for SpecForce’s multiplayer mode. After SpecForce’s release, this section will also double as a fan-driven file exchange.

Techland promises to regularly introduce new details about SpecForce’s multiple features.

Visit www.specforcethegame.com to find out more about SpecForce.

About Techland
Techland boasts a lasting presence on the developer market since 1997. The Poland-based studio’s debut title was Crime Cities – a SciFi action game, inspired by classics, such as The Fifth Element, Blade Runner and Quarantine. Techland’s greatest up-to-date achievement was the release Chrome (www.chromethegame.com), a FPP SciFi tactical shooter, published in 2003 by Take 2. In 2004 Techland released X-Pand Rally, a racing game that was prized with the “Most Editable” award by BlackholeMotorsports.com, and was considered by many to be the best rally title of that year. Learn more about Techland and its upcoming titles at www.techland.pl.
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