Techtonic Games launches 3D Endless Runner Bust-N-Rush through, Origin and Techtonic's website
Santa Barbara, CA – Sep 12, 2012 – Techtonic Games is pleased to announce that their 3D endless runner Bust-N-Rush launched today (9/14/12). Bust-N-Rush is available through and via the Origin service ( EA/Origin has exclusive content including a new game mode, soundtrack and exclusive video. The standard edition and demo version are available on the Techtonic Games website (

Bust-N-Rush, it is a 3D endless runner for PC and Mac. Bust-N-Rush features three distinct worlds of bustable gameplay as well as three playable modes. Bust-N-Rush offers an original take on Quest Mode, by allowing users to seamlessly pick up, complete quests without interrupting the players run. The classic Survival Mode is also available for those who enjoy the raw challenge and high score aspect of the runner genre. In addition, Techtonic is pleased to share the Bust-A-Friend Mode, where players can send real time or time shifted challenges to their Facebook friends.

Bust-N-Rush advances the runner genre with its high-octane attitude, tremendous speeds, and dynamic playing styles. Scott Washington, Lead Designer on Bust-N-Rush remarked, “We didn’t just want to make another, “me-too’ runner game. When we set out to create Bust-N-Rush, we wanted to infuse an explosive energy to the game that the runner genre hadn’t really seen before.”

Scott Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Techtonic Games, had this to say about launching Techtonic’s first title., “Techtonic is a small independent studio and I am constantly amazed by the willingness of Alienware and EA/Origin to help us reach a global audience. We are really excited to offer our player some really fun content exclusively through EA/Origin.”

EA/Origin will offer Bust-N-Rush in a special package called the Double-Bust-Bundle. This deal will exclusively be available through Origin, and will include:

* A FREE Digital Edition of Bust-N-Rush to get players started with Bust-A-Friend Mode Transition
* Mode (where players can bust through all three Modes simultaneously)
* Never-before-seen content, including the hilarious comedy, Crunch Time Chronicles

To celebrate the launch Bust-N-Rush will sell for $14.99 for the Double Bust Bundle and $9.99 for the standard edition, a savings of 25%-33% off the normal price. The sale will run from 9/14 to 9/21.

Bust-N-Rush has steadily been gaining popularity in the gaming community and media. Techtonic has been an active community on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube., and has received positive previews from popular websites (for videos see below):

Real Otaku Gamer:
EGM and Digital Noob:

Interview with

About Bust-N-Rush:
Bust-N-Rush is a an endless 3D runner with procedurally generated levels and 3 worlds of bustable gameplay. Smash through hundreds of quests, challenge your skills in survival mode and destroy your friends in Bust-A-Friend mode.

Bust-N-Rush official Web site:

Bust-N-Rush Youtube Channel:

Demo Version:

EA/Origin Special Edition:

About Techtonic Games Inc.:
Techtonic Games Inc. is a rapidly growing game publisher based out of Santa Barbara, CA. Best known for working with EA to publish the 3D endless runner, Bust-N-Rush, Techtonic Games Inc. is committed to developing highly engaging games for the Mobile, Tablet, and Browser platforms. To learn more about Techtonic Games Inc., please visit:

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