Telltale Recruits Industry Veterans to Join Already Strong Team
Company: Telltale Inc.
SAN RAFAEL, CA, May 2, 2005 - Telltale, Inc. a San Rafael based publisher and distributor of downloadable adventure games announced a number of additions to its team today.

Telltale’s distinctive focus has proven extremely attractive to owners of exciting and popular characters and franchises. The company has recently signed the Bone license created by Jeff Smith of Cartoon Books, as well as a second agreement to work on a still to be announced license. Bone is also the flagship title for Scholastic’s new graphic novel imprint Graphix.

In light of this significant demand, Telltale is proud to announce a number of additions to its team – all of who are located at Telltale’s headquarters in San Rafael, California.

Joining the Design team is Greg Land, a seasoned veteran and lead level designer on Jedi Star Fighter and Republic Commando. The programming team sees the addition of Karen Petersen a veteran programmer, credited on acclaimed products such as Escape From Monkey Island, Gladius, and Knights of the Old Republic II. Joining the art staff is Brian Gillies lead artist of the innovative Evil Genius, as well as Motocross Madness 1&2. Also joining the art staff is Lea Mai Nguyen, a lead artist on RTX Red Rock with credits on titles ranging from Escape from Monkey Island to Jedi Knight II. Rounding out the new arrivals is Aaron Foltz who will join the Accounting and Finance department.

With these talented new additions, Telltale is continuing to build the best team in the industry for creating leading edge animated adventures. Telltale is always on the look out for individuals committed to creativity and innovation. For more information visit the Telltale website at

About Telltale, Inc.
Telltale Inc. headquartered in San Rafael, California is focused on becoming the leading publisher and distributor of downloadable adventure games. A new era of interactive entertainment is emerging – a new generation is expecting more from their investment in play time. Telltale focuses on deploying the latest animation and storytelling technologies to develop entertaining and exciting interactive adventures to meet these new entertainment expectations. Staffed with long time industry veterans, Telltale launched its first game, Telltale Texas Hold’em in early 2005 and is currently working on bringing Bone to life. Telltale titles can be downloaded from online partners such as Direct to Drive, Trymedia Systems, Boonty, and CNET as well as at the Telltale website. To learn more about Telltale, please visit

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