Special Guest Robert Kirkman Talks Telltale's The Walking Dead in Playing Dead Episode Three
Company: Telltale Inc.
Telltale today released the third episode of Playing Dead at the official website for their game, The Walking Dead. Playing Dead is Telltaleís talk-show format developer diary designed to let gamers know what they can expect from the upcoming game based on Robert Kirkmanís award-winning comic books.

In this episode of Playing Dead, host AJ LoCascio is joined by very special guest Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator/writer of The Walking Dead. Kirkman, who runs his own Skybound imprint at Image Comics, where he's a partner, talks about why the game isnít based on Rick Grimes, why itís not an open-world shooter, why player choice and decision making is a big deal and why he chose Telltale to make a game based on The Walking Dead.

The episode also features the very first extended look at the gameís Adventure Horror game-play.

In addition to Playing Dead episode 3, Telltale has also posted the second of a series of video format Q&A sessions on the gamesí official website (answers come from Lead Designer Sean Vanaman and Designer Harrison Pink). Gamers are encouraged to ask more questions for future Q+A sessions by emailing playingdead@telltalegames.com or by leaving a message at (707) 701 DEAD.

The Walking Dead is a 5 part episodic game series coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC, Mac and other leading platforms. The first episode will be available for download in late April.

Playing Dead host AJ LoCascio provided the voice for Marty McFly in Telltaleís Back to the Future: The Game series.
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