Temple Games Announces Worldwide Release of ChiZo RISING Collectible Tile Game
Company: Temple Games
SAN LEANDRO, CA – September 22, 2005 – Temple Games, Inc., today announced the worldwide release of its new game ChiZo RISING. ChiZo RISING is a unique Collectable Tile Game (CTG), featuring the depth of a CCG crossed with the elegance of a board game, all wrapped up in striking game tiles printed in Germany by the world-renowned Ludo Fact, GmbH.

Temple Games, Inc. is also preparing to launch its demo team program shortly. The Noble Heroes Program, as it will be called, will put ChiZo RISING experts in local stores to demo the game and make sure that the store is up-to-date with the latest ChiZo RISING news and information. Additionally, Temple Games is providing free first-class retailer support so that retailers can get the most out of this innovative and fun game.

“Officially unveiled at GenCon Indy 2005, ChiZo RISING has already garnered rave reviews from those who have played the game,” said Jason Seeber, director of marketing at Temple Games, Inc. “Now that we have full distribution and our street team program in place, we can start to introduce the world to the next generation in collectible gaming with ChiZo RISING.”

ChiZo RISING has been picked up for distribution in the United States by Alliance, ACD Game Distribution, Blackhawk Hobby Supply, and Hobbies Hawaii, with even more distributors signing-up to carry the game. Internationally ChiZo Rising is available from 999 Games (Benelux), Carletto AG (Switzerland), Esdevium Games Ltd. (United Kingdom), Hexagonal (France), Kosmos (Germany), Rendus Europe (Sweden), and Ventura Games (Australia).

About ChiZo Rising
Suitable for players age 8 and up, ChiZo RISING provides enough challenge and strategy to keep even the most advanced players playing over and over again in this exciting game based on the characters of the Chinese Zodiac. ChiZo RISING Game At-A-Glance:

Each Starter Set Includes:
21 Creature Tiles, in one of four 3-Creature configurations
11 Special Effects Tiles
2 ChiZo RISING Booster Packs containing 8 random tiles each
1 ChiZo RISING Player Handbook

Starter Sets include everything needed to challenge other ChiZo RISING Players, and begin the quest to build the ultimate ChiZo RISING Tile Stack.

Each Booster Pack Includes:
8 Random Tiles (5 Common, 2 Uncommon and 1 Rare)

Booster Packs are optional but are recommended to enhance the challenge of game play, adding further depth and excitement to the game.

About Temple Games, Inc.
Based in San Leandro, California, with offices in Germany, Temple Games, Inc., is a worldwide developer and publisher of board game, puzzle, and play optics products. The company produces the premier collectible tile game, ChiZo RISING, in Germany and distributes the game worldwide. The game is printed by LudoFact GmbH, the company responsible for printing hit game products like Settlers of Catan and others. Temple Games, Inc. is also the publisher of best-selling games and toys like Polarity and Discovery Channel BrainTwister. For more information about Temple Games or ChiZo Rising, please visit: www.templegames.com.
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