The Adventure Company Announces Extended Reality Experience for Still Life
Toronto, Canada - February 9, 2005 – The Adventure Company, in partnership with Microids, today announced a Web driven Extended Reality experience based on the investigative thriller, Still Life. This unique experience delivers players increased value and enjoyment as part of an active online FBI investigation.

The three-part Still Life Extended Reality experience centers around the characters and events leading up to, and after, the launch of the Still Life PC game. Players begin the first part of their online investigation as Still Life’s protagonist, Victoria McPherson, FBI Agent.

Tasked with hunting down the serial killer from her last case, players have access to Victoria’s computer files which they will use to piece together important facts and clues. As they move through each chapter, they will unearth hidden art treasures and eventually stumble upon a century-old conspiracy which has touched generations of the McPherson family.

The finale of the experiences sees players resume as active participants in the online investigation, letting them fully delve into the depth and complexity of Still Life. They will continue to investigate web-based mysteries, interacting with now familiar characters from the PC game, as well as original NPCs created solely for the web.

Along with Victoria’s computer, players will scour several fictional, but incredibly realistic, websites created exclusively for the game universe. The story evolves through various media vehicles as players follow cleverly hidden hints and clues provided by the alternate reality itself, and the marketing materials surrounding the game. Please, keep an eye out on for more information.

About Still Life PC:
Players step into the role of Victoria McPherson, a brilliant young FBI agent and the granddaughter of Post Mortem’s famed Private Detective, Gustav McPherson. On the hunt for a serial killer, Victoria is up against five dead bodies, a mountain of circumstantial evidence and an angry boss breathing down her neck. Things become more complicated when, on a visit to her childhood home, she comes across one of Gus’ old case files dating back more than 75 years. As she reads deeper into the file, she discovers an uncanny number of similarities between her case in Chicago and the gruesome killings in 1920s Prague...

Still Life is developed by Microids, and has an ESRB rating of ‘M’ for Mature. The game will be available both for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft and for Windows® on April 14, 2005. For more information about Still Life, visit the official web site: and the product page:

About The Adventure Company
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