Secrets of the Lost Cavern Product Details
BASINGSTOKE, England (September 12th 2005) – THE ADVENTURE COMPANY launch their prehistorically graphic adventure for the PC CDROM, SECRET OF THE LOST CAVERN, priced at £19.99.

Delve into a world of exploration and intrigue, as you embark on a Stone Age quest filled with puzzles and mystery. Use your wits and powers of observation to survive the vast wilderness as your journey leads you to one of mankind's forgotten wonders.

Experience your adventure through the eyes of Arok and meet many fascinating characters. Contend with the wild world where fishing, hunting, gathering, and mysterious shaman ceremonies are all part of the struggle for survival, as you follow the path of your mentor and help recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave.

Also featured, is an integrated encyclopaedia filled with historically accurate data on the Paleolithic period, and the Lascaux Cave is represented in 3D for the 1st time in a video game.

Pristine photo-realistic graphics and environments including rivers, troglodyte caves, and green valleys will take players back to the dawn of human existence.


By the developers of the highly acclaimed adventure game "Return to Mysterious Island" inspired by the Jules Verne Classic.

Hyper-realistic graphics and amazing environments including rivers, green valleys, troglodyte caves...

Wild animals and many prehistoric characters to interact with in order to achieve your quest.

An integrated encyclopaedia created in collaboration with a renowned specialist to learn all the ways, customs and techniques of the prehistoric period.

Secret of the Lost Cavern was highly acclaimed at E3 2005, receiving A "Best of Show – Adventure" Finalist award from Gamespot and Editor's Choice from

Developed by KHEOPS STUDIO, Published by THE ADVENTURE COMPANY and distributed exclusively by KOCH MEDIA, SECRET OF THE LOST CAVERN has a 'PEGI' of 3+ and is set for launch SEPT 23rd 2005 for PC CDROM, priced at £19.99. For more information visit the official product page at

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