TGC announces I'm not Alone
Berlin, October 10th, 2009. With their brand new survival horror action adventure I’m not Alone, TGC – The Games Company guarantee to send cold shivers down the spines of players all around the world. The gloomy genre highlight, developed by the Italian studio Pix Rev, impresses with innovative gameplay elements, locations full of atmosphere and perfectly staged shock moments. TGC releases I’m not Alone for PC worldwide in the first quarter of 2010.

In the role of a bold exorcist the player travels to the Austrian mountains to free an old mansion house from the grips of a supernatural power. On location he has to face sheer horror. Disfigured demons have risen from the underworld and spread fear and terror. Now it is the task of the player to put an end to the sinister occurrences. His special skills as a psychic medium enable him to change between reality and demon world in order to take up the challenge and fight the creatures of hell. With a quick trigger finger and a sharp mind the player explores the eerie mansion and reveals a dreadful secret…

„I am very glad that we have been able to secure the worldwide marketing rights for I’m not Alone and expand our portfolio with a high-quality action adventure for the first time”, comments Christian Sauerteig, director marketing & sales at TGC. “With I’m not Alone we would like to offer a tense horror experience in one of the world´s most popular genres.“

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