New Computer Game Release: Future Boy!
Toronto, Canada – November 15, 2004

The General Coffee Company Film Productions announced today the long-awaited release of Future Boy!, a new computer adventure game filled to the brim with superheroing, supervillainy, and plenty of cape-wearing and leaping tall buildings with
a single bound.

Filmmaker Kent Tessman has created an adventure game unlike any other: Future Boy! is an interactive comic book, combining the excellent writing, rich story, and sophisticated game world of the best classic adventure games with original animation,
illustrations, and music, plus a host of unique and unforgettable characters.

Tessman developed Future Boy! from an original full-length motion picture screenplay. “The game is a chance to tell this story in a very different way from how it would be told
in a movie,” Tessman says. “The script really took on a new life as it became more nonlinear. There’s a whole new spectrum of freedom in storytelling that opens up when you put the player in the driver’s seat.”

Future Boy! runs on almost every modern computer system, from Windows, Macintosh, and Linux to Palm and Pocket PC handhelds (and more), so that a player can play the very same game at home and on the go, regardless of hardware. And
thanks to the flexibility of the game system, even sight-impaired players can join in the adventure.

For more information, including screenshots, a trailer, a downloadable demo, and more, please visit, where the game can also be ordered
securely online.

About The General Coffee Company Film Productions:
The General Coffee Company Film Productions is a motion picture production company located in Toronto, Canada. The company has produced the acclaimed independent feature film Apartment Story and is currently developing additional feature film projects.
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