Third Wave Games Releases War World V1.06
September 9th. Third Wave Games, creators of War World - Tactical Combat is delighted to announce the launch of a major new update for the game. The latest release features many of the most requested features from players on the game's official website:

Some of the most requested changes which are included in version 1.06 are:

A completely new multiplayer game – Team Death Match. Players can join the ranks of the BCT or V-Tek team and go cause some carnage.

Customizable player skins. Gamers can now pimp their mech to create an unstoppable war machine, which is also stylish and funky.

New improved AI within the single-player game. Opposing players are now much more 'human' and varied in the way they compete.

New customizable hosting options for multiplayer games. Almost every aspect of the game can be tweaked to allow the creation of the ultimate online experience.

Support for lower-end PC's. Improved graphics handling and major speed increases on larger maps will make War World far more accessible to players with older PC's.

Improved multi-player front-end, showing players all of the details of current games, so they can pick exactly how and what they want to play.

If that wasn't enough, downloading version 1.06 of the demo version of the game gives you 30 minutes of free game time - even if you have played the previous demo already!

Players who have already purchased earlier versions of War World will get these new features completely FREE, along with all other updates from the company in the future. Third Wave Games is committed to continuing the development of War World and working closely with the community of players to incorporate all of the most wanted features to ensure the game becomes one of the most playable, popular and regularly updated games in the world.

Players who wish to play the full game can do so directly from for only $24.95. This not only gives them access to all levels, weapons, player characters and multiplayer capabilities, but also entitles them to FREE upgrades to all subsequent versions of the game.

The demo is available directly from and will be distributed to all of the major online games and download sites over the coming weeks, as well as through the cover disks of the leading PC and games magazines worldwide.

The initial release of War World - Tactical Combat at the beginning of August 2005 was greeted with great enthusiasm from gamers worldwide. Visitors to the War World forums have left comments such as: "It's pure adrenaline pumping action like I haven't experienced in ages!"

The release of a major upgrade only a month after the initial launch of the game, is a testament to Third Wave Games' vision for War World:

"We're really excited about the release of the first major update to the game, says Morten Brodersen, the managing direction of Third Wave Games and lead programmer on War World. "The response to the launch of the game was fantastic from players, the media and even other games companies. The release of version 1.06 brings a lot of major changes to the game and makes both the single and multiplayer experience much more exciting. We're looking forward to seeing how the new features change the game experience for players and thanks to a lot of optimization and tweaking, we should be able to welcome a much wider rang of players to the game, with lower-end and older PC's. The team are already looking at future updates and we are determined to make War World the ultimate action game."
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