Garry Schyman Scores Destroy all Humans!
Company: THQ
Los Angeles, CA – June 6th, 2005 – Composer Garry Schyman (, whose experience outside of videogames includes feature films, television movies, and series television, has created the original orchestral score for the upcoming videogame Destroy All Humans!, developed by Pandemic Studios and published by THQ. The musical score is written in the style of 1950's sci-fi movies such as the classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, using a Theremin as the lead instrument. Schyman recorded his 60-minute cinematic score in Los Angeles with some of Hollywood's top orchestral musicians.

Destroy All Humans! turns players' conventional expectations of playing the human defending against an alien invasion to now allow them to play the alien hell bent on infiltrating and taking over all of humanity. Packed with non-stop action, advanced alien weaponry and abilities, and humorous science-fiction mythology, Destroy All Humans! uncovers an open ended world where the player can unleash massive destruction from a UFO or land at any point to walk among humans as the 3rd person alien.

Commenting on his music for the game Garry Schyman said, "I never played the humor of the game directly. Instead I wrote the score as if this was 1953 and I was a working composer of that era. With that in mind I played it dead serious, which led to an overly dramatic score and the humor that comes from that approach."

Greg Borrud, Director of Production, Pandemic Studios, attested, "Garry not only nailed the style for Destroy All Humans!, he helped shape the game with his brilliant score. The soundtrack takes the game to a whole new level."

Destroy All Humans! is scheduled to release for XboxTM and PlayStation® 2 on June 21, 2005. For more information please visit

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