Legends of Aethereus Now in Final Beta Stages
Company: ThreeGates
GOTLAND, SWEDEN – June 26, 2013 – ThreeGates, an independent game development studio focused on Action Role-Playing Games, today released the latest Beta version of its first game, Legends of Aethereus. Anyone who pre-orders the game can get access to the Beta and start playing in the Aethereus Universe. Legends of Aethereus is currently available for pre-order at: http://www.aethereusgame.com/ for $24.99.

Legends of Aethereus is also a current Steam Greenlight candidate, so anyone interested in purchasing the game via Steam is encouraged to vote for the game at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92957124

"We’re in the final beta push for Legends of Aethereus and are looking to get the word out on the game so we can get to the leading digital distribution platforms, and in turn the audience of dedicated action RPG fans,” said Don Geyer, CEO of ThreeGates. “We’ll be announcing our release date and an exciting distribution partnership we have put in place, in the coming weeks.”

In addition to tuning and tweaking and bug fixes, the current Beta has added a huge number of features including:

Procedural Quests
Skill Masteries
New skills
Khagal Clans
New enemies and enemy types
New armors and components added to Crafting
New weapon type added (two-handed mace), and new weapon animations
Lots of new animations, sounds, and materials
Last Stand Hard-mode implemented
New Consumables
New NPCs added both in Nexus and in Ghalia
Player Apartment
Player Stats and Achievements
Nexus customization added.
MANY new quests, including two new quest lines
Many new items and icons
Many new beards, hairstyles and other Character Customizations
New environments
Cave systems
Private chat
Healthpack added (Press “T” to use)
New soundtrack added

About Legends of Aethereus
The planet of Aethereus is an ancient and mysterious world filled with majestic forests, misty swamps, deep caves and ancient ruins. Devastated by three large astronomical events, the Three Great Skyfalls, it is a world just coming out of chaos and ruin. The recent unearthing of The Gauldron Tablets has revealed the existence of The Seven Ancient Skyfall Relics. The promise of unlimited power for those who possess the objects has led to a frenzied search across all of Aethereus. As a member of the Nexus City-State, one of the last bastions of freedom and hope on Aethereus, you will be entrusted with the critical undertaking of procuring the The Ancient Skyfall Relics. Standing in your way are the Serpentica Shamans of Ghalia and the hordes of Khagal Tribes they control as well as the oppressive Venatan Empire forces led by the notorious General Zhorgal. Join forces in online multiplayer cooperative expeditions as the Inventor or Officer while you embark on a variety of story driven hand-crafted expedition levels and explore the wilderness through a variety of procedurally generated exploration quests. Design and build new gear and weapons while you develop your character across a diverse and expansive skill tree allowing for a multitude of character strategies.

• High action RPG with up to four player co-op or single player and a variety of PvP and PvE game types
• Physics-based combat system focused on player control including realistic Shock Force calculations to scatter your enemies. Whether it is from massive explosions or monstrous melee strikes, they are going to fly!
• A wide variety of Officer Skills that allow you to create your own unique strategies from a heroic tank to a stealthy ninja, a few examples of which are: Specialty Melee Attacks, Defensive Emplacements, Carnal Strength, Punji Sticks, Inspiring Chants, Defensive Hymns and Javelins
• The Inventor Skills include powerful explosives and crafty contraptions such as: Bombards, Sticky Bombs, Sachels, Turrets, Chinese Lanterns and Rockets, all of which can be powered by a variety of aethergems (in-game gems) altering their effects
• Create and customize your own character using a dynamic character creator system, then distribute points in a bilaterally balanced attribute system to start down your path to greatness
• Customize your City using the Statue-Maker, Banner Creator, City Painter and other customization features that allow you to personalize your own city environment as well as your player apartment
• Master Craftsman: With a massive crafting and materials system you can forge not hundreds, not Thousands, but literally Millions of different combinations of gear and weapons
• Arena Combat: Invite your friends or enemies to a wide variety of PVP and PVE game types in your own city arena. Unlock new arena maps as well as special features such as: traps, enemy spawners, stationary weapons and cages that you can add to your arena maps or combat training area

About ThreeGates
ThreeGates was formed in late 2010 by a group of people who all have years of experience in the game industry. The team has worked in the games field; as game designers, graphic artists, programmers, event producers, marketers and educators, in other constellations and on other projects, but always with the same drive and passion. Now they’ve teamed up with a common goal: to make great games. ThreeGates’ strengths are a tight-knit team, the ability to move fast, willingness to work hard and a drive for excellence. For more information, please visit: www.threegates.se