TKO Reveals Heaven Vs Hell
Company: TKO Software
Addison, Texas -- April 25, 2005 -- TKO's Heaven VS Hell, the next generation of real-time strategy (RTS) PC gaming, will put players in command of angelic, demonic and mortal forces battling to determine the fate of humanity.

In the mid-25th century, human technology has become so advanced that they have learned to manipulate the natural order of the universe and begin meddling in God's design. Not since Satan challenged God for the throne of Heaven, has there been such sheer defiance of his will. Humanity's arrogance infuriates God, so he plans to cleanse the Earth of mankind and start anew. With the sound of a trumpet, the seal is broken and Heavenly forces descend upon the Earth. The Devil, fearing his own loss of power wages Armageddon, the war to end all wars, for the remaining souls of men.

Players control one of three factions: Heaven, Hell or Humans, each with their own distinct units, abilities and instruments of war. Their goal is to destroy their enemies by amassing an army and sending them into a holy/unholy war.

The game is built around the concept of resource and force management, as well as battlefield strategy, all packaged neatly within a fully featured game including a riveting story, beautiful 3D graphics and breathtaking sound effects.

Heaven VS Hell is scheduled for release in 2006.

TKO will hold the first public showing of Heaven VS Hell during E3 2005 in Kentia Hall booth #7159.

About TKO
TKO Software, Inc. was founded by video game industry veterans with a vision to create the next great generation of interactive entertainment, technology and media franchises. The company develops exciting and exceptional video games on consoles, PCs and wireless phone handsets. The TKO management team brings a distinguished history of shipping innovative, profitable digital media products for the movie, videogame, edutainment and media hardware markets. The company's goal is to redefine and extend game play, interactivity and immersion to create experiences that set new industry standards.
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