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Tobii Technology logoTobii Technology is the world leader in eye tracking and eye control, a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking. Tobii’s leading eye-tracking technology has already transformed research in many fields and enabled communication for thousands of people with special needs. In these markets, Tobii offers comprehensive product lines. Eye-tracking technology will revolutionize the way that we interact with computers, becoming a fundamental part in the next-generation natural user interface. With gaze, computer interaction and games become faster, more intuitive and more fun. Tobii also provides market-leading eye-tracking technology in areas such as car manufacturing and driver safety, imaging/PACS, diagnostics, security and more. Founded in 2001, Tobii continues to achieve rapid annual growth and receive awards and recognition for its accomplishments. Based in Sweden, Tobii has a global presence with offices in the U.S., China, Germany, Japan and Norway, and a worldwide network of resellers and partners.