TopWare Interactive Releases Skydive: Proximity Flight for Xbox Live
Karlsruhe, Germany, March 24th , 2014 – TopWare Interactive AG and Gaijin Entertainment are releasing "Skydive: Proximity Flight" as an Arcade title on the Xbox Live online entertainment network for the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft. This extreme sports experience, inspired by authentic BASE jumping action, has been available for download since 03/14/2014

"Skydive: Proximity Flight" can be played using the classic Xbox 360 controller or Kinect for Xbox 360. The arcade title allows a much wider range of movement than what a jumper in a real-life wingsuit would experience, allowing players to pull off flight maneuvers at blinding speed as they glide over canyons and mountains all over the world.

Real skydiving pros, including Jokke Sommer, Andrey Boldyrev, and Halvor Angvik, have helped to bring to the title a realistic feel for the break-neck action of this high-adrenaline sport. Enhanced flight physics allow for daredevil stunts, even those no one has ever tried and lived to tell about. Whether stunt flying, free flying, or racing against up to three opponents, jumpers in "Skydive: Proximity Flight" soar through diverse locations, from the Grand Canyon to the Bernese Alps. Each jump site offers unique aerodynamic challenges and opportunities to score points. Using Kinect, players can experience the thrill of free fall in their own living rooms without risking bodily harm.

Xbox 360 players can take control of the action using the classic Xbox controller or their entire bodies with Kinect.

Various game modes:

Adrenaline Race: Fly against AI opponents at breakneck speed, or use the leaderboard function to see how you measure up against your friends. Perform daredevil flight maneuvers and stunts to charge your adrenaline, and use it to accelerate even faster.
Route flight: Follow progressively more difficult routes and collect as many points as you can by flying through targets.
Trick: Push your score to dizzying heights by performing as many complex stunts and daredevil maneuvers in a row as possible.
Freestyle: Choose from any of the game’s locations to create your own challenges and routes for your friends. Share your adventures with the game community.

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment Platform: Xbox360®
Publisher: TopWare Interactive Price 6,99 $

Genre: Sport ESRB / Pegi: E / 3+

About TopWare Interactive
For several years, TopWare Interactive has brought originality and fresh ideas to the games industry, building an international presence with their successful brands and major titles spanning every genre out there. Popular brands from the company’s own development studio Reality Pump, as well as licenses acquired from independent studios ensure that TopWare will continue to churn out hits. Jagged Alliance 2, Earth 2160, and the world-famous Two Worlds series are just a few of the award-winning international titles the company has published. As a self-financed enterprise with no outside control, TopWare is able to act quickly and rapidly adapt to the ever-changing market conditions of the gaming industry. This has helped the company maintain its position for over 25 years as the only independent games publisher with its own development studio that competes successfully in the international market. TopWare has persistently sent the interactive entertainment industry in new directions with such innovative milestones as the first games on CD-ROM (1992), DVD-ROM (1997), and Blu-ray Disc (2008).

About Gaijin Entertainment
Gaijin Entertainment is Russia’s largest independent video games developer. Founded in 2002, today Gaijin entertainment employs over 100 highly-qualified developers and industry trailblazers. Gaijin Entertainment maintains offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, and Sevastopol. Over the past eleven years, Gaijin Entertainment has developed games for several different platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android. The company’s diverse portfolio has already won it countless awards and distinctions.