Flippin’ Burgers while going to Campus
Las Vegas, Thursday, August 13th 2007–

Your University life experience would not be complete without juggling a full schedule of school, work, and fun. In TopWare Interactive’s, upcoming game Campus, it is essential that students create the perfect schedule that mixes elements of daily life and its’ responsibilities. Set to release on Sept 22nd, Campus will provide players a well rounded college experience by making them work for their education and partying cash.

The economy of Campus is in depth and allows the player to choose from a wide variety of jobs to make money, and, believe you me, making money is very important. Between tuition, housing expenses, and extra curricular activities, players will have to work hard to make sure they don’t fall behind or on the street.

Adding to this life-simulating experience, Campus rewards the players who complete their education with higher paying jobs. At first the job selection might not be the most fulfilling work but don’t worry. You won’t be flipping burgers for long. Earning a degree in astronomy can qualify you for a lecturing position at the college. Or get a degree in economics and work at the bank. You could always look into getting a job at the school giving lectures. Once the money starts rolling in you now need find cool ways to spend it! The options available to you are as varied as the amount of job choices. Tired of eating the same old cafeteria food? Splurge on yourself and go eat out at one of the fine dining options available. Go shopping at the shops and kiosks to grab the latest and greatest. However, if you want to get a good deal search the game’s “online” store and bid on items you are interested in like mp3 players and guitars. You can always try and risk your money on the in game lottery system or stock market.

The choice is yours to be a total bum or the next Rockefeller as you make your way onto Campus

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