Video Strip Poker Supreme - Opponents Pack #10 released
Torquemada Games is pleased to announce that Video Strip Poker Supreme Opponents Pack #10 has been just released. You were kept in suspense, but now you can check who's dealing. Nasty girls are waiting for having fun together.

The anniversary 10th Opponents Pack guarantees memorable, luscious moments and this time you will challenge champions who can reward your skill lavishly:

- Sunday (measurements: 92 - 66 - 99 cm / 36 - 26 - 39),
- Maria (82 - 65 - 85 cm / 321 - 251 - 331),
- Katerina (94 - 62 - 90 cm / 37 - 241 - 351),
- Melissa (86 - 60 - 87 cm / 34 - 231 - 341),
- duo Dawn & Wendy (90 - 62 - 90 cm / 351 - 241 - 351).

You can learn much more about these beautiful opponents - check their charms on video materials and take a look at subtle photos, just visit They can show you much, much more - that's why you should take interest in these pretties, having a great time together. All the girls are teasing, make hot gestures, bluff, laugh or get angry depending on the deal result. You can also ask a girl to show you more than you actually won or offer her a drink to make playing with her easier.

Video Strip Poker Supreme is a state-of-the-art technological masterpiece, an interactive strip-poker for Windows PC computers with highest quality video. The player perceives the game almost as if it was played against real human opponent. It appears that the perception is so real that players often cannot keep from talking to their computer opponents as if they were really sitting and undressing just next to them!

Don't hesitate to visit game's homepage:
Demo version available at

Now it's your turn!

About Video Strip Poker Supreme
Video Strip Poker Supreme is a PC game with interactive video which redefines fascinating strip poker game with pretty and sexy girls.

About Torquemada Games
Torquemada Games is an european developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software products such as Video Strip Poker family products. Torquemada Games has been established in 2002 to develop new computer game concept: to create attractive, interactive and intuitive video games utilizing the latest technology available for PC owners.