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Totmob logoLocated in Rio de Janeiro, RJ/Brazil, Kinetics was founded in 1994. Totmob(R) is the Mobile game and app brand for Kinetics(R). Kinetics is a company founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1994 with its current activities focused on web and mobile technologies, including mobile apps and mobile games development. The Company worked on web systems for the last 5 years, developing cutting-edge projects for various US Start-ups. Kinetics/Totmob is present in the Mobile and Tablet (iOS e Android) market since 2009. Kinetics/Totmob keeps up with the latest game trends and innovations. With almost 20 years experience in the production of games, with various success stories and several prizes, all the work from the concept to deployment is done in-house. They've worked in the past with various major game labels, such as Inforgrames (now Atari), and have several major online games in Brazil, such as Kinuca.